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Here's my opinion on the latest games...

Each time I play a new game, I'll post a review of it here. .

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Maximo -Playstation 2 -9 
WWF Raw is War -Xbox -6.5
Super Smash Brothers Melee-Gamecube-10
Star Wars Rogue Leader-Gamecube -9.5
WWF Smackdown Just Bring It-Playstation 2-8.5
Max Payne-Playstation 2 and Xbox-9.0
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty-Playstation 2-10
Grand Theft Auto 3-Playstation 2-9.5
State of Emergency-Playstation 2-9
Tony Hawk's PS 3-Playstation 1&2/Gameboy Advance/Xbox/Gamecube-9
Virtua Fighter 4-Playstation 2-10
Crazy Taxi-Dreamcast-8.0
NBA Street-Playstation 2 and Gamecube-9.5
Medal of Honor Frontline-Playstation 2 -9
UFC Throwdown-Playstation 2-8.5
Headhunter-Playstation 2-8
Wipeout Fusion-Playstation 2-8.5
Spider-Man-Playstation 2-7.5
Savage Skies-Playstation 2-5.5
World Rally Championship-Playstation 2-7.5
WTA Tour Tennis-Playstation 2-5
Resident Evil-Gamecube-9.5
ESPN MLS Extratime 2002-Gamecube-7.5
Barbarian-Playstation 2- 4
FIFA World Cup 2002-PS2-5.5
Lethal Skies-PS2-3.5
Mike Tyson Heavywieght Boxing-PS2-2.5
Test Drive-PS2-8
Globial Touring Challenge Africa-PS2-6
Scooby Doo!Night of 100 Frights-PS2-7
Virtua Striker 2002-GC-6.5
Hunter:The Reckoning-Xbox-8.5
MotoGP:Ultimate Racing Technology-Xbox-9
World Series Baseball-Xbox-9.5
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter-Xbox-7.5
GT Advance 2:World Rally-GBA-7
Dragon Ball Z:Collectible Card Game-GBA-3.5
The Pinball of the Dead-GBA-7
Dragon Ball Z:The Legacy of Goku-GBA-8
Harry Potter-GBA-8.5
Star Wars:Attack of the Clones-GBA-3.5
C-12 Final Resistance-PS1-5
Digimon World 3-PS1-3
Test Drive-PS2-8.5
Aggresive Inline-PS2-9.5
Way of the Samuari-PS2-7.5
Sky Gunner-PS2-6.5
Britney's Dance Beat-PS2-7.5
Legion:The Legend of Excalibur-PS2-5
Lost Kingdoms-GC-8
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind-Xbox-7.5
Outlaw Golf-Xbox-7.5
Legends of Wrestling-Xbox-7
Test Drive-Xbox-8.5
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix-PS1-8.5
The Italian Job-PS1-7.5
Britney's Dance Beat-GBA-8
Wolfenstein 3D-GBA-7
NASCAR Heat 2002-GBA-7.5
All Star Baseball 2003-GBA-8
Star X-GBA-6.5
Desert Strike Advance-GBA-7.5
18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker-PS2-7.5
Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies-PS2-8.5
All Star Baseball 2003-PS2-9
Artic Thunder-PS2-5
Armored Core 2: Another Age-PS2-8.5
Army Men RTS-PS2-6
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance-PS2-8.5
Blood Omen 2-PS2-8
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2-PS2-9
Deus Ex The Conspiracy-PS2-9
Devil May Cry-PS2-9
Drakan:The Ancients Gates-PS2-9
Escape From Monkey Island-PS2-8.5
Extreme G3-PS2-8
FIFA Soccer 2002-PS2-8
Final Fantasy X-PS2-10
Formula One 2001-PS2-8.5
Giants Citizen Kabuto-PS2-9
Gitaroo Man-PS2-9
Gran Turismo 3 A Spec-PS2-10
The Mark of Kri-PS2 - 9
MLB Slugfest 20-03- PS2 - 7.5
MX Superfly-PS2 - 7.5
Stitch Experiment 626- PS2 -5.5
Space Race- PS2 -5
Crazy Taxi 3 High Roller- Xbox -9
Guilty Gear X Advanced Edition-GBA - 6.5
Bomberman Generation- GC - 8.5
WWE Wrestlemania X8- GC - 8
Romance of the three kingdoms VIII-PS2-7
Dropship United Peace Force-PS2-7.5
Pac Man Fever-PS2-7.5
F1 2002-PS2-8
Shenmue 2-Dreamcast-10
Resident Evil 3-Dreamcast-8
Resident Evil Code Verionca-Dreamcast-9.5
Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem-GC-9.5
Legends of Wrestling-GC-7
David Beckham Soccer-Xbox-5.5
Mega Man Zero-GBA-8.5
Resident Evil Gaiden-GBC-7.5
Lilo & Stitch-GBA-8
Bomberman Max 2: Red and Blue-GBA-8
Punch King-GBA-3
Madden NFL 2003-PS2-9.5
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2-PS2-6.5
Men in Black 2: Alien Escape-PS2-8
NCAA Football 2003-PS2-9
Ninja Assault-PS2-7
F1 2002-PS2-8.5
Street Hoops-PS2-6.5
Sega Sports Tennis-PS2-8.5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Xbox-7.5
Dead to Rights-Xbox-6.5
Smuggler's Run:Warzones-GC-8.5
Tetris Worlds-GC-4.5
Delta Force: Urban Warfare-PS1-7
Car Battler Joe-GBA-7
SOCOM: US Navy Seals-PS2-9.5
Onimusha 2-PS2-8.5
NFL 2K3-PS2-9.5
NFL Gameday 2003-PS2-7.5
Armored Core 3-PS2-8
Lego Soccer Mania-PS2-7
Monster Jam:Maximum Destruction-PS2-6.5
Gravity Games Bike-PS2-2
Twisted Metal Online-PS2-8.5
Super Mario Sunshine-GC-10
Aggressive Inline-GC-8.5
Beach Spikers-GC-5
NFL 2K3-GC-9
MX Superfly-GC-7
Madden NFL 2003-GC-9
Soccer Slam-Xbox-7
NFL Fever 2003-Xbox-7
Madden NFL 2003-Xbox-9.5
NFL 2K3-Xbox-9.5
Street Hoops-Xbox-5.5
Aggresive Inline-Xbox-9
Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon-Xbox-1
WTA Tour Tennis-GBA-7.5
Aero the Acrobat-GBA-9
Earhtworm Jim 2-GBA-6.5
Street Fighter Alpha 3-GBA-9.5
Dual Hearts-PS2-7.5
Dino Stalker-PS2-5.5
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer-PS2-6.5
Kingdom Hearts-PS2-8.5
NCAA College Football 2K3-PS2-6
NCAA Gamebreaker 2003-PS2-3
Tekken 4-PS2-7
Egg Mania:Eggstreme Madness-GC-6
Super Monkey Ball 2-GC-8.5
Mystic Heroes-GC-5.5
Animal Crossing-GC-9
Sega GT 2002-Xbox-8.5
Gun Metal-Xbox-5
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance-GBA-10
Grandia Xtreme-PS2-6.5
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon-PS2-8
NASCAR Thunder 2003-PS2-9
Robotech Battlecry-PS2-8
Wild Arms 3PS2-8
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2-PS2-9.5
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus-PS2-9
The Thing-PS2-8
Tribes Areial Assault-PS2-7
Turok Evolution-PS2-4
NFL Blitz 20-03-PS2-6.5
Summoner 2-PS2-7
Sub Rebellion-PS2-8.5
NASCAR Thunder 2003-Xbox-9
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2-Xbox-7
Phantom Crash-Xbox-8
Prisoner of War-Xbox-7.5
Robotech Battlecry-Xbox-8.5
Terminator Dawn of Fate-Xbox-4.5
Turok Evolution-Xbox-5
4x4 Evo 2-GC-4
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2-GC-6.5
Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex-GC-6
NASCAR Thunder 2003-GC-9
Star Fox Adventures-GC-8
Disney Golf-PS2-8
Terminator Dawn of Fate-PS2-6
Myst 3 Exile-PS2-7.5
Legaia 2 Duel Saga-PS2-7.5
The Scorpion King Rise of the Akkadain-GC-3
Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver-Xbox-7
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer-Xbox-8.5
Dynasty Warriors 3-Xbox-7.5
Duke Nukem Advance-GBA-8.5
Pro Race Driver-PS2-9.5
Superman Shadow of Apokolipse-PS2-7
NBA 2K3-PS2-9.5
NBA Live 2003-PS2-9
NBA Shootout 2003-PS2-7
NHL 2003-PS2-8
Burnout 2 Point of Impact-PS2-8
NHL Hitz 2003-PS2-9
Blade 2-PS2-6
NASCAR Dirt to Daytona-PS2-9
Dynasty Tactics-PS2-8
Slient Scope 3-PS2-8
Rayman Arena-PS2-6.5
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger-PS2-8
Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee-GC-8
Knockout Kings 2003-GC-7.5
NHL Hitz 2003-GC-9
Rayman Arena-GC-7
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003-GC-8
Grand Theft Auto Vice City-PS2-10
Dance Dance Revolution-PS2-8.5
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-PS2-7.5
Hitman 2-PS2-9
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring-PS2-7
Reign of Fire-PS2-5
Ratchet and Clank-PS2-8
Red Faction 2-PS2-8
Robot Alchemic Drive-PS2-8
Suikoden 3-PS2-7
Timesplitters 2-7.5
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4-PS2-9
Die Hard Vendetta-GC-4
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-GC-8.5
Medal of Honor Frontline-GC-7
Tom Clancy's The Sum of all Fears-GC-5.5
Timesplitters 2-GC-7
NBA 2K3-GC-9
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2-GC-10
Sonic Mega Collection-GC-8
Star Wars The Clone Wars-GC-6
Blinx The Time Sweeper-Xbox-7.5
NBA 2K3-Xbox-9
The Lord of the Ring The Fellowship of the Ring-Xbox-4.5
The House of the Dead 3-Xbox-7.5
Medal of Honor Frontline-Xbox-8
Quantam Redshift-Xbox-6
NBA Live 2003-Xbox-8
Serious Sam-Xbox-3.5
Shenmue 2-Xbox-7.5
ToeJam and Earl 3-Xbox-7.5
Ghost Recon-Xbox-8
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2-Xbox-7.5
Timeplitters 2-Xbox-8
Contra Advance-GBA-6.5
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-GBA-8
The Lord of the Ring The fellowship of the Ring-GBA-6.5
Lunar Legend-GBA-8
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4-GBA-7.5
Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshi's Island-GBA-9.5
Haven Call of the King-PS2-7
Contra Shattered Solider-PS2-9
Disney's Treasure Planet-PS2-7
The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers-PS2-8
Jet X2O-PS2-8.5
NCAA March Madness 2003-PS2-7.5
NHL 2K3-PS2-9.5
The Simpsons Skateboarding-PS2-7
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance-PS2-6
Rygar The Legendary Adventure-PS2-9
WWE Smackdown Shut your Mouth-PS2-7.5
Metroid Prime-GC-10
Mario Party 4-GC-8.5
Resident Evil 0-GC-8
X-Men Next Dimension-PS2-8
Dragon's Lair 3D-Xbox-5
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance-Xbox-8
Colin McRae Rally 3-Xbox-9
James Bond 007 Nightfire-Xbox-8
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance-Xbox-9.5
Steel Battalion-Xbox-8
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell-Xbox-9.5
Unreal Championship-Xbox-9
NBA Inside Drive 2003-Xbox-7
The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers-GBA-7.5
Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land-GBA-8
The Legend of Zelda A link to the Past and the Four Swords-GBA-9.5
Metroid Fusion-GBA-9.5
ATV Offroad Fury 2-PS2-8.5
Dead to Rights-PS2-8
Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends-PS2-6.5
Pro Race Driver-PS2-7.5
Dragon Ball Z:Budokai-PS2-8
.hack Part 1:Infection-PS2-7.5
Minority Report-PS2-6.5
Star Wars Bounty Hunter-PS2-7.5
The Sims-PS2-9.5
War of the Monsters-PS2-8
Swingerz Golf-GC-7.5
Hunter The Reckoning-GC-8
Blood Omen 2-GC-6.5
Evolution Worlds-GC-4
Legends of Wrestling 2-GC-7
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers-GC-8
Battle Engine Aquila-Xbox-8
Dark Angel-Xbox-6
Fatal Frame-Xbox-9
Skies of Arcadia Legends-GC-9.5
BMX XXX-Xbox-2.5
Capcom vs SNK 2:EO-Xbox-8
Crimson Sea-Xbox-7.5
Kakuto Chojin-Xbox-2.5
Superman The Man of Steel-Xbox-4
The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers-Xbox-8.5
Panzer Dragoon Orta-Xbox-9.5
Shrek Super Party-Xbox-2
Altered Beast-GBA-6
Phantasy Star Collection-GBA-9
Super Monkey Ball Jr-GBA-8
Tomb Raider: The Prophency-GBA-4.5
Dark Cloud 2-PS2-8
Devil May Cry 2-PS2-7.5
Everblue 2-PS2-6.5
PTO 4:Pacific Theater of Operations-PS2-6
Disaster Report-PS2-4
EverQuest:Online Adventures-PS2-7.5
The Getaway-PS2-8
Guilty Gear X2-PS2-8
Pride FC-PS2-6.5
World Tour Soccer 2003-PS2-6.5
Cubix Robots for Everyone:Showdown-GC-6
Xenosaga:Episode 1-PS2-8
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball-Xbox-7.5
ATV Quad Power Racing 2-Xbox-7.5
Summoner:A Goddess Reborn-GC-6.5
Lufia The Ruins of Lure-GBA-8
Crash Bandicoot 2:N Tranched-GBA-6.5
Aero Elite-PS2-7
High Heat Baseball 2004-PS2-9
Black and Bruised-PS2-5.5
Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance-PS2-9.5
Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter-PS2-8
Def Jam Vendetta-PS2-8
The King of Route 66-PS2-6
MotoGP 3-PS2-8
My Street-PS2-4.5
World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International-PS2-9
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc-PS2-7
Tenchu: Wraith of Heaven-PS2-7.5
Yu Gi Oh The Duelist of the Roses-PS2-4.5
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker-GC-10
Resident Evil 2-GC-5.5
Resident Evil 3-GC-5.5
Kung Fu Choas-Xbox-5.5
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb-Xbox-8.5
World Series Baseball 2K3-Xbox-8
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis-Xbox-7
Mega Man and Bass-GBA-8.5
Final Fantasy Origins-PS1-8
MLB Slugfest 20-04-PS2-8
MVP Baseball 2003-PS2-7
Clock Tower 3-PS2-7.5
Dynasty Warriors 4-PS2-7.5
NBA Street Vol 2-PS2-9
Splinter Cell-PS2-9
Zone of the Enders 2-PS2-8
Army Men:Sarge's War-GC-4.5
The Sims-GC-9.5
WWE Crush Hour-GC-2.5
All Star Baseball 2004-Xbox-5
Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee-Xbox-7
Furious Karting-Xbox-7
Red Faction 2-Xbox-7.5
State of Emergency-Xbox-6.5
Tao Feng-Xbox-4
UFC Tapout 2-Xbox-6.5
Run Like Hell-Xbox-6.5
Inuyasha:A Feudal Fairy Tale-PS1-6
Sonic Advance 2-GBA-8.5
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo-GBA-9
Golden Sun The Lost Age-GBA-8.5
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire-GBA-7.5
Enter the Matrix-PS2-9
Enter the Matrix-GC-9
Return to Castle Wolfenstein-Xbox-9.5
Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirts-PS2-8
MotoGP 2-Xbox-8.5
Unlimited Saga-PS2-4
Wakeboarding Unleashed-PS2-9
Tube Slider-GC-4.5
Chaos Legions-PS2-8.5
Ultimate Muscle-GC-8.5
Wario World-GC-7.5
Phantasy Star Online-Xbox-9
Resident Evil Dead Aim-PS2-5
Sonic Pinball Party-GBA-8
Donkey Kong Country-GBA-7
Evil Dead-PS2-3
X2 Wolverines Revenge-PS2-5.5
Burnout 2-Xbox-8.5
Advance Wars 2-GBA-8.5
Bloody Roar Extreme-Xbox-5
Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku 2-6
Brute Force-Xbox-7.5
Big Mutha Truckers-PS2-7
Ape Escape 2-PS2-8.5
Smash Cars-PS2-7
Soldier of Fortune 2:Double Helix-Xbox-7
Silent Line:Armored Core-PS2-7
K-1 World Grand Prix-PS2-6
Freestyle Metal X-PS2-5
Midnight Club 2-Xbox-9
NCAA Football 2004-PS2-9.5
Rent A Hero No. 1-Xbox-6.5
Midtown Madness 3-Xbox-7.5
Return to Castle Wolfenstein:Operation Resurrection-PS2-7
The Hulk-PS2-7.5
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin-GC-8.5
Downhill Domination-PS2-8.5
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter-Xbox-5.5
Speed Kings-GC-7.5
The Incredible Hulk-GBA-6
Silent Hill 3-PS2-9.5
Splashdown Riders Gone Wild-PS2-9.5
Madden NFL 2004-PS2-9.5
ESPN NFL Football-PS2-9.5
NFL Blitz Pro-PS2-7.5
Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward-PS2-6.5
Alter Echo-PS2-8
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Choas Bleeds-PS2-8.5
Disgaea Hour of Darkness-PS2-9
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8-PS2-7
Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color-PS2-8
The Great Escape-PS2-6.5
NFL Gameday 2004-PS2-7
.Hack Vol. 3:Outbreak-PS2-7.5
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour-GC-8
P.N. 03-GC-6
F-Zero GX-GC-8.5
Madden NFL 2004-GC-9
Charlies Angels-GC-2
Alter Echo-Xbox-8
NFL Fever 2004-Xbox-7.5
ESPN NFL Football-PS2-9.5
Madden NFL 2004-Xbox-9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Choas Bleeds-Xbox-8
Outlaw Volleyball-Xbox-8.5
The Great Escape-Xbox-7
Group S Challenge-Xbox-7
Big Mutha Truckers-Xbox-7.5
Pro Cast Sports Fishing Game-Xbox-5.5
GrooveRider Slot Car Thunder-Xbox-2
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-GBA-9.5
Jet Grind Radio-GBA-7
Shining Soul-GBA-6.5
Soul Calibur 2-PS2-8.5
Freedom Fighters-PS2-8
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004-PS2-9.5
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-PS2-6
Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo-PS2-7.5
Dynasty Tactics 2-PS2-7.5
NASCAR Thunder 2004-PS2-9
NHL 2004-PS2-9.5
ESPN NHL Hockey-PS2-8.5
Robin Hood Defender of the Crown-PS2-5.5
DDR Max 2-PS2-7
NHL Hitz Pro-PS2-8.5
Disney Extreme Skate Adventure-PS2-8
NCAA Gamebreaker 2004-PS2-7
Rugby 2004-PS2-6
Butt Ugly Martians Zoom or Doom-PS2-5
Starsky and Hutch-PS2-6
Risk Global Domination-PS2-7
Eyetoy Play-PS2-9
Viewtiful Joe-GC-9.5
Soul Calibur 2- GC-9
Wrestlemania XIX-GC-8
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg-GC-7
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004-GC-9
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure-GC-8
Aquaman Battle for Atlantis-GC-2
NHL Hitz Pro-GC-8
NHL 2004-GC-9
Soul Calibur 2-Xbox-8.5
Otogi Myth of Demons-Xbox-7
Simpsons Hit and Run-Xbox-8.5
Dino Crisis 3-Xbox-6.5
Starshy and Hutch-Xbox-6
Freedom Fighters-Xbox-8
NASCAR Thunder 2004-Xbox-8.5
NHL 2004-Xbox-9
NHL Hitz Pro-Xbox-8
ESPN NHL Hockey-Xbox-8.5
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure-Xbox-8
Dynasty Warriors 4-Xbox-7
Aquaman Battle for Atlantis-Xbox-2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004-Xbox-9.5
Tennis Masters Series 2003-Xbox-8
SSX 3-PS2-9.5
Jak 2-PS2-9.5
Castlevania Lament of Innocence-PS2-8
Warhammer 40000-PS2-8.5
Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup-PS2-8
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu-PS2-5
Galdiator Sword of Vengeance-PS2-6
Kya Dark Lineage-PS2-7.5
ESPN NBA Basketball-PS2-9.5
NBA Live 2004-PS2-8.5
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy-PS2-8
Rogue Ops-PS2-7.5
NBA Jam-PS2-6.5
Tak and the Power of JuJu-PS2-7
Karaoke Revolution-PS2-8.5
Mega Man X7-PS2-7.5
Lethal Skies 2-PS2-6
FIFA Soccer 2004-PS2-8.5
Metal Arms Glitch in the System-PS2-8
Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space-PS2-6.5
SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom-PS2-4.5
Conflict Desert Storm 2-PS2-8
SSX 3-GC-9.5
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3-GC-6.5
Metal Arms Glitch in the System-GC-8.5
Rogue Ops-GC-7.5
Disney's Party-GC-2.5
FIFA Soccer 2004-GC-8.5
Simpsons Hit and Run-GC-8.5
Champions of Norrath-PS2-9
Maximo and the Army of Zin-PS2-8.5
Airforce Delta Strike-PS2-7
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2-PS2-8.5
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel-PS2-8
Wining Eleven 7-PS2-9.5
Max Panye 2-PS2-8
Mission Impossible Operation Surma-PS2-8
Carmen Sandiego-PS2-6
American Idol-PS2-6.5
Lupin the 3rd-PS2-6
Monster 4x4 Masters of Metal-PS2-6.5
Everquest Online Adventures Frontiers-PS2-7.5
Intellivision Lives-PS2-5
.Hack Vol. 4 Quarantine-PS2-7.5
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles-GC-7
Monster 4x4 Masters of Metal-GC-6.5
Tony Hawks Underground-PS2-9
R: Racing Evolution-GC-7
Max Panye 2-Xbox-9
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel-Xbox-8
Wrath Unleased-Xbox-7.5
Mission Impossible Operation Surma-Xbox-8
World Championship Pool 2004-Xbox-7
Freestyle Street Soccer-Xbox-4
Dinosaur Hunting-Xbox-7
The Haunted  Mansion-Xbox-7
Spy Hunter 2-Xbox-6
Silent Scope Complete-Xbox-8
Curse The Eye of Isis-Xbox-7
Metroid Zero Mission-GBA-9.5
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance-GBA-8.5
Shining Soul 2-GBA-7.5
Yu-Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards-GBA-7.5
Terminator 3-GBA-7.5
James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing-GBA-6.5

Metroid Zero Mission-GBA