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Thats right Electronic Arts and developer Maxis just announced The Sims on Playstation 2. Will Wright the creator of the series was also there to give the press some information about the conversion. Lets start with the basics. Every Sim has basic needs that you must take care of. They range from everything from fun to toliet use. PS2 players will be able to change furniture colors to create a custom set. Sims will also have to use computers. They use them for fun, study or to find jobs after they have been laid off. You will have more career options searching online. The Sims will push the PS2 particle effect to the limit creating some of the best graphics ever seen. The game will have some 2 player games like Strip Poker but there are others in development. Players can change every detail of their Sim from hair color to different objects of clothing. The new vanity mirror one of the new PS2 objects will let you change the appearence of your Sim at any point. The controls are built around the Dual Shock with no mouse needed. Sims talk in their own language but text bubbles helps you understand what they are saying. The game will offer more of a goal directed game while still offering the freedom. Keep your Sim away from the bug zapper or their in for a big surprise. All the objects are being redone in 3D. Much attention is being paid to the character designs that make the excellent PC graphics look like they were drawn by an infant. Your Sims can't create children but they can adopt just don't try to give them back. Object selection will be simple. Slide the cursor over to an item and it will light up and give you options. Will Wright said that the goal in taking the nimber one PC game to the number one console is to perserve the magic.