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 This guide is based on the Normal difficulty.
1. Get uesd to aiming and moving.
2. Reload when there isn't any Nazis around.
3. Use the sniper a lot.
4. Use the rocket launcher or bazooka to clear out large numbers of enemies.
5. Find places to take cover.
Mission 1-D-DAY
1. Meet Captain on Shore
Go up the beach and walk towards him. He'll be calling for you.
2. Provide Covering Fire for Squad
First you must rescue four soldiers by providing them with cover fire. You'll find them in the middle of the field asking you to come here. Go toward them and simply shoot at the enemies in the bunkers. There are a number of soldiers running around, but these guys are always behind the metal structures or in holes waiting.
3. Rejoin Squad at Shingle Bankment
Simply run up to that hill covered with barbed wire and speak with one of the soldiers. If you can stay at the base of the hill in front of the barbed wire you should avoid takeing any significant damage.
4. Rescue Engineer at End of Embankment
He is behind a structure to the right. Go over to him. Follow him providing some cover. This will now allow you to breach the Sea Wall.
5. Rendezvous with Captain at Base of Bunker
Go up to the wall of the bunker on the left and meet your Captain.
6. Cross the Minefield and Man Machine Gun
Go into the small bunker and jump up to the machine gun turret sitting to the left.
7. Destroy NG Nests on Ridge
There are two of these in between the large enemy bunkers. They are indentified by their light brown appearance on the hill.
8. Eliminate Enemy Soldiers in Trench
Actually you will have to alternate between hitting the nests and taking these guys out.
1. Clear Machine Gun Bunker
Get near the corner just out of range of the gunner at the door.Zoom in and kill him. You will have to peer in and out of range to line up your shot if you wish to conserve health.
2. Destroy Radio Link to Upper Gun Deck
Go around to where the first mounted machine gun was and shoot some more enemies. Head upstairs and make a right into the room. Kill the guard and shoot the radio.
3. Find Smoke Gernades
Head out os the Radio Room around the corner and cap some enemies. You will encounter them right as you enter the underground bunker area.
4. Clear both Gun Decks
Keep going up you'll eventually encounter some metal doors which lead to the gun decks. Bust in and eliminate all of the enemies. From this gun deck equip your M1 Garand and shoot at the enemies in the other deck.
5. Mark Gun Deck with Smoke Gernade
Find the red box on the ground and hit the action button. Leave the gun deck.
1. Collect Resistance Drop at Insertion Point
Pick this up right at the begining and proceed; it is a small white box. Watch for the guards once you leave this area. Jump up to the Jeep and start unloading on the enemy providing cover fire. Check the indoor structure to obtain various items.
2. Man Machine Gun in Church Tower
Be careful of the tank and proceed when its turret isnt pointing straught ahead and after you have killed as many enemies as you can. When you pass the truck go to the end of the street and climb up the church building. Provide cover fire with the gun at the top.
3. Secure Submarine Fueling Roster
Right after you pass the second objective you'll come to a room with a Nazi in terrogating a prisoner. Next to the door on the left you'll find the Roster.
4. Breach Wall to Docks