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This walkthrough is based on Chris Redfield. From Jill's perspective the puzzles will remain the same but certain weapons and story segments will differ.
1. Grab the Ink Ribbon. Go to the end of the room and snag the Shield. Enter the door.
2. Go left down this corridor to meet a zombie. Return to the Main Hall for the Handgun.
3. Kill the zombie and grab the File from Kenneth's body. Enter the next door.
4. Go upstairs and into the Hallway. Get the Arrow. Go to the second level of the Dining Room and push the statue off.Go to the Main Hall.
5.Go downstairs-stopping between the first and second floors. Open the painted door. Use the Arrow on the Crypt Door.
6. Get the book and grab the Sword Key. Return to the hallwaywith Kenneth's body. Go down the hall and bear left. Head downstairs to the Kitchen.
7. Get the Dagger and Key and return to the Main Hall and go through the other double doors. Head through the next door. Get the items behind the cabinets.
8. Enter the first door on the left. Grab the Bag and Herbs. Head into the bathroom and drain the tub for a key.
9. You'll find the Shotgun Room where you'll find items. Don't take the Shotgun. Head through the double doors and save.
10. Run upstairs and head to the left into the Study. Light the fire and go around to the other door. Enter and go to the right. Get the Whistle and Ammo. Go to the Dining Room. Go through the second door on the top right.
11. Enter the silver door to a balcony. Run around through the next door. Enter the double doors to the Dining Room. Return to the room you just came from but go downstairs into the door on the right.
12. Get the items and return to the door at the base of the stairs. Save and leave. Return to the Shotgun Room replace it with the rusty one.
13. Go outside on the second floor where there were some Herbs and blow the Whistle. Kill the dogs to get the Fake Key. Go upstairs to the Armor Room. Replace the Armor Key with the Fake Key.
14. Head down the corridor just past the room that held the rusty shotgun. You'll need the Blue Jewel(Dining Room) the Poison(outside) and the Crest(Dining Room). Get the Gernade and Memo off the desk. Go right and enter the first room on the right.
15. Collect the items. Kill the zombies from the closet.
16. Return to where you found the Gernade and go straight down this hall. Enter the door at the end.
17. Go to the valveand select "yes". Select the first option then place the bag of Poison into the tub. Get the Shining Mask.
18. Run past the enemies and turn left when you get to the door. Enter the door directly across from the one with to zombies. Place the Blue Jewel in the eye.
19. Go to the Main Hall with the Armor Key. Go upstairs and to the right. Enter the door on the left. Unlock but don't enter both of the locked doors. Pass the double doors and open the locked doors which are marked red on your map.
20. Go to the Main Hall and through the locked door just to the right. Run past your friend and enter the Dining Room and then the Hallway. Enter the door on the left closest to you. Go to the Save Room to the left of the stairs. Get the Serum on the shelf and go to your friends.
21. Enter the door and pass the zombie on the left. Go through this new door.
22. Light this candle. Move the bookcase on the right. Kill the zombies and get Documents inside the cabinets. Head into the double doors you unlocked.
23. KNIGHT PUZZLE-Knight number 1 is closest to the screen on the left; number 2 is farthest on the left; number 3 is farthest on the right and number 4 is closest to the screen on the right. Push the knights to their original positions in the following order: 2,4,3,2,1,3,4,1,4.
24. Examine the box: Check the front, top, and then the back. Go out and head left. Head to the first door on your right. Go  downstairs to the Save Room.
25. Head upstairs and go left. Enter the door the zombie pops out of. Enter the door on the right side of the screen.
26. WASP PUZZLE- Head to the end of the room and grab the Hook. Get the Wasp from the display next to the door. Combine them.Grab the Waspon the display to the left of the door. Put the Gold Wasp in its place. Put the other Wasp where you recieved the Gold Wasp. Press yes. Grab the object.
27. Go to the Graveyard and then the Crypt. Place the first Mask on the first tombstone on the left.
28. Head to the Piano Room in the hallway with Kenneth's body. Head to the back right corner and move the shelf. Grab the Cover and combine it with the Pages. Use this on the Piano. Select yes to let it play. Carry the Emblem.
29. Enter the first floor corridor with the dogs. Go to the end and enter the second to last door which is on the left.
30. PICTURE PUZZLE- The first picture on the right must be colored an orange-red, the middle one purple and the final one green. Press the action button on the painting of the woman. Select yes.
31. Get the Mask and go to the Crypt. Place the Mask on the fourth tombstone.
32. Go to the Piano Room. Get the Document and the Gold Crest. Replace it with the Wooden Crest. Return to the Dining Room and put the Crest above the fireplace.
33. CLOCK PUZZLE-Press the action button on the clock. Now move the hands so they say 6:00. Get the Armor Key.
34. Go to the Main Hall and run upstairs. Go left and enter the first door on the left. Go to the end and enter the stairs with the Save Room area.
35. Go to where you met Richard. With the Armor Key enter the previously locked door.
36. SNAKE BOSS- In the left corner is the final Mask. Return to the Crypt.
37. Place the Masks on the tombstones. Kill the zombie and grab the items.
38. Go to the Picture Room with the crows. Head through the door and enter the one on the right. Put the Medallion into the slot and enter the Shed.
39. Search for items. Go through the double doors. Get the Herbs on the right. Go to the Shed and enter the other door.
40. DOG STATUE and TOMBSTONE PUZZLES- Move the red arrow to the West position and the other one to the North. place the Wind Crest into the tombstone on the right. Grab the three new ones. Inspect them and place them in the tombstone on the left. Grab the Gun and enter the next Gate.
41. Enter the House. Grab the Map at the stairs. Grab the Crank on the wood and leave the house. Return to the Shed.
42. Go through the double doors. Go through the next gate. Use the Crank. Head down the lift. Run to the gate directly across. Pass the snakes. Go through the next door.
43. Turn right into the first door. Go through the double doors. Inspect the pool balls and note their numbers and colors: 2 is blue,3 is red,4 is purple,5 is orange and 6 is green.
44. Return to the Save Room and deposit everything except the Red Book. Head out and turn right but before you cross the broken boards push the box onto them to block the vines. Jump over the box and go through the door. Enter room 002.
45. Grab the File on the desk. Push the left bookcase back and the right one to the left.
46. Push the crates into the water. Run across. When you see the Shark return to 002. Enter the Bathroom. Get the Key on the shelf and return to the hallway leading to the Save Room.
47. Enter the locked door. Grab the Gun and Bullets. Enter this Bathroom and drain the tub. Quickly gat the Key and leave. Go to the Shark area. Head left and enter the Control Room.
48. CONTROL ROOM PUZZLE- Go down the ladder and inspect the White Board on the Table and get the number. Go to the tank window. When the Shark brakes it press the switch on the computer to the right of the window. Turn around and hit the switch on the other computer. Leave the room and turn left. Input the number that appeared on the white board. Go to the second console and hit the button. Finally go to the last computer with the lever and hit the button. Now hit the switch on the first computer. Go into the hallway and enter the door on the right.
49. Go left and get the Shells in the back right area. Go through the doors. Walk past the first part and climb on the platform near the second. When the Shark goes out of control push the control panel into the water. Flip the switch. Get the Key and return to the door outside the computer lab. Go through the double doors and up the ladder.
50. Go to the other door in 002 hallway. Check the corpse in the hall to get the Bug Spray. Use it in the wall's hole. Return to the room with the corpse and take a left at the corpse for a Key.
51. CHEMIST ROOM PUZZLE- Go to the panel across from the table and solve the puzzle. To solve it you must light the candles in the Spider Room. Under them you'll find the eyes on this panel. The color of the candle corresponds to the color of a ball. Input the number on the ball that corresponds to each eye.
52. RED BOOK PUZZLE- Enter 003. With the Red Book go to the bookcase and insert it after you've removed the White Book. Put the picture together on the books bindings. The head is at the right and the feet at the left.
53. PLANT BOSS-Enter the door that required the ball puzzle to open. Get the four Containers and fill one with Red Powder and another with Yellow. Go to the sink and get the Water. Now go to the wall on the right next to the Red Container. You'll discover that these numbers correspond to colors. Now go to the wall to the left of the door. This will reveal the formula to crate the Poison. Use the numbers from the other wall to mix your Water and Powders. First add the Water and Red Powderto make Purple. Mix the new Purple with Yellow to create Orange. Continue this process untill you get a Brown substance.
54. PLANT BOSS 2- Go to the Shark area. Go up the ladder in the Control Room and procede through the doors. Go downstairs on the right and enter the first door on the left. Pour the brown mixture onto the plants roots. To kill it just get up on the balcony and shoot at its core. Dodge the tentacle attacks. After you shoot it twice it will spray acid in which case you should run. Get the Key from the Firplace downstairs and go to the Mansion. First enter the Chemical Room.
55. Open the locked door on the bottom of the Main Hall.
56. Kill the zombie and get the jewel box. Return to the second floor of the Dining Room. Enter the second door on the right, go around the stairs and go in the first door on the left.
57. EAGLE PUZZLE- Push the boxes against the wall. Turn out the light next to the door and grab the Red Jewel. To get it the eagle can't see you; have it facing toward the Yellow Gem, and then run under the eagle to the Red one. Quickly grab the Red Jewel. Do the same for the Yellow.
58. BOX PUZZLE-Insert the Red Jewel in the box. Take the piece at the top left. Flip it so that its flat edge faces left and insert it in thetop right. Take the piece that is second to the left on the bottom and place it just to the left of the first piece. Take the piece in the corner and place it under the second piece so that it goes around the edge to the right. Tkae the last piece on the right flip it so that it points down and place it under the first piece on theright hand side. Insert the final piece. Get the Broach and inspect it.
59. Enter the room with the Tigers head and insert the Yellow Jewel. Go to the room with the picture puzzle. Once you enter the hallway enter the door directly across. Turn on the light. Leave and enter the first door on the left. Go upstairs to the Study on the right. Off the Hunter.
60. Return to the stairs/save area. Enter the door at the end.
61. WALL CRUSHING PUZZLE-Move the statue to the end between the walls. Run behind the right wall and flick the switch. Now quickly run back to the statue and push it to the left until it taps the wall. Decend the ladder.
62. Run by the spiders and head right for the Shells. Go left into the door. Go into the back area of the Kitchen and take the elevator.
63. Kill the zombies and get the Herbs. Head left through the door directly in front for items. Enter the door to the right. Head up to the trap room with the knights and enter the door at the end.
64. SNAKE BOSS- Shoot and run when he raises his head. If his head gets close run away. When you're finished get the Book and inspect it. Go to the Graveyard.
65. Go through the Picture Puzzle roomand through the gate in the next room. Get the Crank and the Battery and enter the Pool. Go down the elevator and install the Battery return to the Pool and refill it with water. Take the other elevator back down and enter the new area. Head through the door next to the ladder.
66. Grab the Ammo and enter the door. Get the Crank Shaft from Enrico's body and return to the save area. Use the crank on the panel to the right of the typewriter.
67. Head to the boulder and run out of the way when it rolls.
68. SPIDER BOSS- Just run in circles dodging its poison and occasionally stopping to shoot it. When it charges you you'll get hit but it won't deplete much health. Get the Knife and cut through the webs on the door to the right.
69. When you reach the panel use the Crank three times. Dodge the boulder. Get the Spray that was behind the boulder. Enter the door.
70.STATUE PUZZLE- Slide the statue back until it covers the rectangular section and then use the Crank twice on the panel. Push the statue on the circular piece in the middel of the room. Push it off and then on again to turn it 180 degrees. Push it in the hole next to the other statue. Combine this new item with the Cylinder Shaft. Now return to the lift area and put this piece where you originally found the Cylinder Shaft. The code is 4231.
71. Enter the door. Run past the enemy. Pull the lever. Go through the door on the left that is just before the lever. Hop up on the boxes in the corner for goodies. Push the big box on the ground onto the lift and hit the button. Return to the first part and decend the ladder.
72. Push the box into the crushing mechanism. Head to the area with the monster and hit the lever again. Put the Flamethrower on the panel. Get the Box on the dresser to the right and inspect it. Ascend the ladders. Return to the Main Hall. However before you return get the other octagonal piece in the first outside area that leads to the mansion.
73. Combine the octagonal object with the Red and Blue Octagonal Medallions and insert them in the door under the staircase.
74. Push all of the stones down the chasm quickly. Get the Memo inside the coffin. Take the lift down.
75. Place the Medals in the statues on both sides of the pool.


76. Descend the ladder. Grab the MO Disk. Head downstairs. Enter the doors on your left. Enter the doors on your right.

77. In the X-Ray room grab the Files off the desk for JOHN and ADA. Get the two X-Rays and hang them on the wall. Flip the switch near the door and the problem areas on the patients will light up. Put the names of their highlighted organs in alphabetical order. If you take the first letter from each part you get the word CELL. Leave and go down the long hall with a zombie.

78. This room is full of bodies. Input JOHN for the login and ADA for the password and then CELL for the second password.

79. Return to the area outside the X-Ray Room. Enter the first door on the right. Get the Memo and insert the MO Disk. Get the Slides from the other desk. Head to the Projector Room.

80. Take the items and watch the Slides to get the number,8462. Input the code on the panel. Get the Key.

81. Go downstairs. Go to the fan and take a left and enter the door straight ahead of you. Enter the first unlocked door on the right. Head to the Fan Room. Open the door on the left.

82. Enter the vent. Kill the bugs and enter the vent on the right. Insert a MO Disk. Turn around and push the shelf. Go save.

83. Go down the hall towards the screen. Enter the door and have some Health and Ammo.

84. Kill these bugs in the Furnace Room. Get the Capsule and return to the room where you inserted the first MO Disk. Insert the Capsule in the Freezer. Don't run with the Capsule:; re-insert it into its original place.

85. Enter the last door in the Furnace Room and insert a MO Disk. Go to the next room and head to the back side of the center structure to flick the switch. Save and ride the elevator to the right.

86. TYRANT-Just back up and shoot. Get the Memo from Wesker's body. Unlock the door using the switch in the back left corner.

87. Enter the door you unlocked with the MO Disks. Get Jill and head upstairs to the save room.Ascend the ladder. Enter the first door on the left. Get the Shells and Health. Get the Battery on the ground and proceed. Insert the Battery.

88.Use the Flare to kill Tyrant again. Just shoot at him a few times and when he faces you shoot only once and dodge his charging attack.