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Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem


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                          ETERNAL DARKNESS WALKTHROUGH
DREAM- You start out dreaming as Alexandra Roivas. Simply run around killing the skeletons. You go through a long cut scene and end up in the mansion.
MANSION- Take note of the clock on the desk in the main hall. It is directly in front of you. It is stuck at 3:33. Grab the Dresser Key on the back. Head through the door to the east. Go through the library heading south. You'll come to a study with a grandfather clock. Make it read 3:33 and enter the passageway. Examine the book on the desk labeled Tome of Eternal Darkness.
                        CHAPTER 1- THE CHOSEN ONE
                               26 BC ANCIENT PERSIA 
1. Head down the ladder into the tomb. Kill the enemies. First decapitate them to make them ineffective and then cut off their arms. Grab the red Granite Block at the end of the hallway.
2. In the next room kill the enemies and grab the green Granite Block in the center. Go through the door.
3. In this room do the same thing and pick up the blue Granite Block. Descend the ladder.
4. Kill the enemy and enter the door to the east. Kill the enemies and grab the purple Granite Block in the center.
5. toward the entrance to this room you will find the symbols of each block written on the wall. Place the blocks in the square hole under each symbol.
6. Return to the previous room and enter the now unlocked door. Complete the task and proceed. Kill the skeletons and examine the circular object in the northeastern corner. Push the button and walk to the center piece.
7. In the next room you'll come across three Artifacts. Pick one.
MANSION- You will now recieve Tome of Eternal Darkness. Turn around and grab the Chapter Page on the wall directly behind you. Also grab the Gladius off the opposite wall. Read it.
                                      AD 1152 CAMBODIA
1. Go straight ahead and examine the statue. Grab the Strange Necklace from the statue. Enter the door to the west. Examine  the floorand then the candle and painting in the corner. Go through the next door.
2. After you are forced to set the trap return to the previous room and then re-enter the trap room. Simply avoid the panels on the ground to proceed.
3. In this next room kill the zombie. Go to the candle and solve the puzzle. To do so simply make sure the candle lit best corresponds to the sun's position on the painting. Grab the Bronze Necklace on the right and return to the beginning.
4. On your way back watch for skeletons. Place the Bronze Necklace on the statue and enter the new door. Proceed through the next hallway of traps to another candle room.
5. Destroy the ghoul by cutting off its head. Solve this candle puzzle but return through the previous door. Halfway down the hall turn left into the little cove. Grab the Blowgun. Now fall.
6. Quickly save the man from being injuired shoot the enemies in the head. If they start to emanate a blue light quickly run into the cove you fell into before they explode.
7. Now talk to the man you saved and get him to fix your Short Sword. Proceed through the trap hallway to the next large room and take note of the cinema showing a space for the Lever.
8. Kill the skeletons and enter the only other door availible. Some of these traps you must activate. They're easy to pass.
9. In this next large room kill the ghouls. Enter the next door to the east. Watch the cinema and grab the Metal Staff from the statue. Return to the room that required the Lever.
10. In this next hallway skeletons will set off the traps. Insert the Metal Staff in the space.
11. Proceed back to the monstrosity and enter the door behind it.
MANSION- Go to the candles ans solve the puzzle to recieve a Message Tube. Check it to get another Chapter Page. Read it.
                             AD 814- AMIENS, FRANCE
1. Head into the Church and proceed to the coffin. Uncover it. Get the Scramasax and head upstairs. Grab the book.
2. Go back upstairs. Head to the bookcase and get the Blue Urn. Use it to get the Broken Blue Urn and Magikal Rune. Go to the opposite end of the room and get the 3 Point Circle of Power off the podium. Search the middle bookcase and move the book. Go downstairs.
3. Enter the hall and kill the two skeletons. You will get a new Magikal Rune. Enter the next door and rescue the monk from the skeletons. Talk to him to get the Two Edged Sword. Pick up the Torch equip it and then pick up the three Broken Green Urn pieces in the right hand corner of the room. Enter the door.
4. Go downstairs pick up the Magikal Codex kill the skeleton and get the next Magikal Rune. Enter the new door.
5. Kill the skeletons get the Magikal Codex and grab the Fixed Red Urn. Ignite the cloth in the doorway on the right with the Torch. Enter the new door.
6. Go throught the hallway and enter the next room. Grab the Magikal Codex. Look on the table and get the Enchant Item Spell Scroll. Create the spell.
7. Return to the room with the fountain. Mix the like colored pieces of Urn together and cast Enchant on each one and fill them with liquid. Now go back to the room where you found the scroll.
8. Place each Urn on the plate on the floor in front of the table. Enter the secret door.
9. Kill the Bishop by cutting off its head. When he falls grab the Bishop's Key and kill the skeletons. Head all the way back to the beginning.
10. In the hallway after the urn puzzle you'll encounter a Trapper. Hold X and walk past it without touching it to avoid getting sucked into a trap. If you do get hit wait for the teleporter to change to the color holding the transporter allowing you to leave. In this case the one you want is purple.
11. Save before you climb the ladder. To defeat Horror hit it in the head three times.
12. Open the door downstairs in the middle of the room on the west side.
MANSION-1. Return to the main hallway and head upstairs. Use the Second Floor Key and when it breaks fix it.
2. Turn right and enter the room. Get the Bullets off of the table. Enter the Bathroom. Get the Page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal. Return to the main hall of the second floor.
3. Go to the other set of doors and enter the first one on the right. Examine the painting on the wall above the desk to Alexandra's left. Get the Chapter Page. Get the Bullets from the dresser next to the bed and read the Page.
                         CHAPTER 4- THE GIFT OF FOREVER
                                           AD 565- PERSIA
1. Head down the ladder. Grab the book. Kill the skeletons and go down the ladder. Go down the hall, kill the skeletons and grab the Statuette. Proceed on.
2. Kill the skeleton to get another Magikal Rune. Go up the ladder. Examine the yellow force field and head down the new ladder.
3. Grab the Torch on the right after you descend. Proceed to the next area. Kill the skeletons and grab the Codex and the Statuette. Climb the previous ladder.
4. Place the Statuettes on two of the circular plates and then step on the third yourself. Avoid the Trappers the descend using the center piece that just rose. Inspect the last dead body in the hall to get the Tulwar and then killing him. When it transforms into the Dagger Mutant go for its head. Enter the door.
5. Kill the enemies and pick up the Recover Spell Scroll. Enter the door on the left and kill the enemies. Enter the door at the end of this small hallway.
6. Once inside this room quickly run out of the entrance way to avoid getting trapped by a Horror. Attack it as you did the one in the previous chapter. Once its dead you'll get a Magikal Run. Go to the table and get the Codex. Create the Recover Spell using the new Rune.
7. Watch for the Trappers in the next room and descend the ladder past the yellow barrier. Grab the Codex next to the Torch and then turn right and enter the door.
8. Grab the Ram Dao broadsword in the pillar and then kill the numerous enemies. Eventually you fight a foe and get a Magikal Rune. Return to the ladder and ascend it. Enter the door on Karim's left. Enchant the Ram Dao using Ulyaoth(the blue rune). Insert the sword in the door.
9. Kill the Zombies and ascend the ladder. Sneak past the Trappers and grab the Ruby Effigy in the center. Descend the ladder and climb past the rubble down the hallway. Kill the Horror and descend the next ladder.
10. Place the Tome of Eternal Darknesson the hand in the center of the room to open the gate. Enchant your sword and kill the hordes of enemies that come. When you encounter the last Horror enchant your sword to dispose of it quickly.
11. Walk backwards into the circular room. Grab the Red Clawed Artifact.
MANSION- Return to the main hall and answer the phone. Enter the door closet to you. To Alexandra's left is a sealed door. Enchant the sword and insert it into the door. Grab the Spice Jar and inspect it to reveal a Chapter Page. Read the Page.
                                   CHAPTER 5-THE LURKING HORROR
                                     AD 1760 ROVIAS FAMILY ESTATE 
                                                   RHODE ISLAND
1. Examine the desk right in front of you to get the Pistol Ammo. Exit and enter the door down the hall opposite of the stain glass window. Grab the Pistol Ammo on the desk on the right along the way.
2. Grab the Letter on the stand next to the bed. Enter the Codex on the mantle above the fireplace. Enter the door to the right of the fireplace. Grab the Ammo and leave. Go downstairs.
3. Grab the Letter on the table in the center. Enter the room to the west. Grab the Codex and then the Pistol Ammo on the shelf. Enter the storage room and grab the Pump Handle. Leave and enter the double doors to the north on the first floor.
4. Inspect the firplace and move the crow so that its in front of the green symbol(Xel'lotath). Get the Reveal Invisible Spell Scroll and the Sabre. Go to the desk and get the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Get the Flintlock Pistol from the wall.
5. Head to the main hall to kill the Horror. Also be careful of your staff as some will attack you now. Just whack the big guy in the head three times to get a Magikal Rune. Create the Reveal Invisible Spell.
6. Go upstairs. Enter the door and go left. Turn the next corner and go to the window. Grab the Envelope on the ground to the left. Check it to reveal another Letter and the Basement Key. Go downstairs and through the black and white scene. Kill the monster to get the green Magikal Rune. Proceed downstairs and head left to the wall with the blue seal.
7. Cast reveal invisible with Xel'lotath. Unlock the door with the basement key and proceed downstairs. Execute the enemies and grab the Damage Field Spell Scroll next to the water. Get the Codex to the right. There's some Pistol Ammo in the area opposite the water. Use the Pump Handle on the crank in front of the water.
8. Climb down and kill the enemy for the Magikal Rune. Learn the spell and proceed downstairs to the enemy. Enchant your weapon with Xel'lotath and cast a Xel'lotath Shield. Finally kill whatever enemies it spawns and hit it when its not protected by Shield.
MANSION- Leave the study and head for the second floor. Go right and enter the door. Go to the dresser and cast reveal invisible with Xel'lotath rune. Use the Dresser Key now to unlock the dresser and get another Chapter Page and Revolver. Read the page. 
                       CHAPTER 6- A JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS
                               AD 1983- ANKOR THOM REGION
1. Kill the skeleton bird and go to the center of the room and dust the floor with your Archaeologist Brush and grab the Bronze Bracelet. Place it on the statue at the end of the room. Enter the door and grab the book. Re-enter the door and kill the enemies. Proceed through the other doorway through the hall full of traps. Halfway through the hall turn right and get the Metal Bracelet. At the end dust the spider web in the corner to get a Codex.
2. Enter the next room and get the Bronze necklace and return to the statue at the beginning of the level.
3. Place the bronze necklace on the statue and enter the new door. Grab the Sliver Bracelet and replace it with the Metal Bracelet. Go through the door on the left. Kill the enemies in this trap hallway.
4. In the next room kill the enemies to get a Magikal Rune. Continue on to the next door and go through it. Halfway down this hallway turn to your characters left and dust the spider webs to get the Dispel Magick Spell Scroll. Although Nethlek has only a ? for its name you can create it now.
5. Turn around and place the Sliver Bracelet on the statue. Continue on through the next hallway. In the next room cast Xel'lotath Dispel Magick to unleash the monster. Kill it to get the Sliver Necklace that was behind it. Return to the previous statue.
6. Put the Sliver Necklace around the statue and enter the new door. Kill  the skeleton to recieve a Magikal Rune. With this Rune you can now learn spell 12. Keep descending and kill the skeleton bird. Keep going and pass the yellow seal.
7. Turn to the characters left and proceed through the trap hallway. In the next room step on the brown circular plate on the characters left. Run to the Golden Bracelet and grab it quickly. Now press the panel on the wall to the right of where the bracelet was. Leave through the next door.
8. Proceed through the trap hallway until the next room. Kill the enemy and use Xel'lotath Dispel Magick. Press the panel and proceed through the next room.
9. Be careful in this trap hallway as enemies will set the traps off. Halfway you'll encounter a statue. Place the Gold Bracelet on it. Proceed to the next room. Kill the enemies and cast Chattur'gha Dispel Magick. Press the panel and exit through the next door. Run through the next hall stopping for nothing until you reach the next door.
10. Kill the Horror and cast Ulyaoth Dispel Magick. In the little cove to the right of the center piece brush away the spider webs to reveal a Necklace. Press the panel before you leave. Go through the next door and you'll be at the beginning.
11. Keep going through once more until you return to the room with the fountain that is to the right of the center piece. It's in the room right after the hallway containing the force field you just destroyed. Place the necklace in the fountain and activate the liquid to reveal the Gold Necklace.
12. Take it to the last statue. The one you put the Gold Bracelet on. Put it on the statue and enter the new door.
13. Descend the stairs and kill the skeletons. Enter the next door and kill the enemies. Be sure to dust the spider web next to the statue. This reveals a Codex. Go through the next door but be careful in this dangerous hallway.
14. In the new room kill the zombies and proceed to the next hall which is very similar to the previous one. In the next room kill the ghouls to recieve a Magikal Rune. Go to the next trap hallway and on to the following room.
15. This one is full of enemies but you have to kill them all to get the Summon Trapper Spell Scroll on the floor in the center of the room. Continue on and you will encounter a familar room. Go around the monstrosity to the door behind it.
MANSION-1. Go to the library and find the book Demon Khemer. It is in the second section on the right. You will notice that a book flies across leading you in the direction. Check it to reveal the Essence of Mantorok.
2. Exit to the main hall and go to the second level and enter the door. Go to the stain glass window. Cast Xel'lotath Dispel Magick. Go out and grab the Chapter Page. Read it.
                                         CHAPTER 7- HERESY
                                            AD 1485- AMIENS
1. Go straight through the double doors. Go up to the altar and take a right. Get the Crossbow Bolts on the pew. Go down the altar stairs and turn to your characters right. Pick up the Torch on the left. Enter the door.
2. Open the chest to get the Crossbow and check the closet to find the Podium Key. Now descend the staircase behind the altar. Immediately turn left and enter the door.
3. Get more Bolts from the shelf and then get the Book of Reliquaries from the desk on your characters left. Exit and proceed on. You'll come to another room. To the right is a Steel Mace on the wall. Take it. On the left are some Bolts. Head back upstairs and head away from the altar for a cutscene.
4. In the prison room head right to the picture with a green Emerald and grab it. Exit the door and grab the book from the hand.
5. Go to the doorway opposite of you. Go all the way upstairs to the belland ring it destroying the monster along the way. Talk to the monk and get the Old Tower Key.
6. Go back downstairs and go toward the altar. Before you climb the altar stairs turn right. Use the Old Tower Key and enter the door.Kill the monster. Grab the Sheild Spell Scroll on the table. On the left is a door. Enter it.
7. Kill the old knight to get the Ruby and Two Edged Sword. Leave and ascend the stairs to the right of the entrance. Grab the Sheet of Music on the left and get the Diary Page on the podium ahead. Go  back downstairs to the main altar.
8. Go  to the organ piano  on the left of the altar. Play the Sheet of Music. Go grab the 5 Point Cicle of Power. Descend the stairs behind the altar again and enter the door previously blocked by a monk.
9. Kill the Trappers with your Crossbow and check the middle barrel on the right. Turn the spigot and enter the door.
10. Enchant your weapon with Ulyaoth and kill the Horror to get the Sapphire. Go to the north of the room and place the jewels in the holes. Enter the Crypt.
11. Kill the enemies in the next room to get a Magikal Rune. Pass through this room to the next door. Go downstairs and enter the next room. Grab the Bolts and enter the door to the right.
12. Kill the enemies in the hall in the next room. Get the Bolts from the bookcase on the left and then check and push the bookcase across from the entrance. Enter this secret passage.
13. You'll come to another podium. Grab the Diary Page on it. To the right is another Codex and a Paragon Rune. Use the 5 Point Circle of Power including two paragons with all of your old spells to power them up. Return to the main altar upstairs.
14. Just before you go downstairs there is a podium on the left. Unlock the drawer and get the Diary Page. Go upstairs to meet your friend. He'll give you the Sacrificial Knife.
15.Return to the Cryptand go to the room where you saw the two Horrors fighting. Also watch out for the Trappers in the coffin room just before you descend into the cyrpt. In the back corner is a coffin. Insert the Sacrifical Knife to uncover a new door. Enter it.
16. You come to a blue barrier. Cast Dispel Magick with Xel'ltath and the 5 Point Circle of Power. Check the body. Kill the enemies. Leave this area and the door in the previous room will now be unlock. Enter it and proceed on.
MANSION- To solve the 88 Keys puzzle head to the double doors to the left of the staircase in the main hall. Inspect the body. Now play the piano to reveal a Chapter Page. Read it.
                           CHAPTER 8- THE FORBIDDEN CITY
                                AD 1460- THE MIDDLE EAST
1. Climb the ladder and then descend another one on the opposite side of the room. Proceed straight ahead and run past the enemy. Climb the next ladder.
2. In this room you'll find some Crossbow Bolts on your left. Check the area by examining a pillar. Now head to the other side of the room to the ladder. Before you descend grab the Siaf on the left.
3. Pull the lever on the right to open the cage. Kill the enemy and pull the next lever. Kill these enemies and then pull the last lever. Proceed to the next area and climb the ladder.
4. Get the Crossbow on the left ledge and survey the area. Climb down the new ladder and be careful of the Trappers. Hit them with the Crossbow and continue down the hall. Climb the ladder.
5. Kill the weaker enemy first and then the skeleton bird. Get the Summon Zombie Spell Scroll in the center of the table. Descend the ladder and kill the Horror and continue.
6. Enter the door on the left first. Kill the skeletons and climb down the ladder on the right. Enter the next door.
7. Kill the Horror but wait until he finished off the minor friends. Go to the pedistal with the key on top. Cast Reveal Invisible with Xel'lotath and get the Forgotten Corridor Key. Return to the previous ladder and get the Sapphire Effigy on the left. Climb the ladder.
8. Enter the door to the right of the double doors. Survey the room and leave before the men attack. Use the Forgotten Corridor Key to open the double doors. Cast a Xel'lotath Shield and run across the yellow field.
9. Cut the ropes of the bridge on the right. Run across it and hit the lever.Kill the snakes and survey the bridge area. Return to the room where the enemy got smashed by the trap. Summon a Zombie and move it onto the trap. Descend the ladder.
10. Kill the weaker enemy,then the Trapper and then then skeleton bird. Proceed on for a cutscene. Grab the Esseence of Chattur'gha and Ruby Effigy. Survey the area and return to the beginning.
MANSION- Head to the fireplace in the study and check the area around the picture thats to the right. You'll find a Chapter Page. Read it.
                        CHAPTER 9- A WAR TO END ALL WARS 
                                  AD 1916- AMIENS FRANCE
1. Grab the Soldiers Letter on the table. Turn around and leave the cathedial. Go up the stairs on the right. Grab the second Soldiers Letter on the crate. Proceed back downstairs into the cathedial. Go to the altar and check the podium on the right for a Sealed Envelope. Check it.
2. Go to the guard just outside the cathedial and present the Soldiers Orders to him. Enter the door and grab the Revolver and leave. Re-enter the cathedial. Run to the altar and grab the Rifle. Run to the Old Clock Tower avoiding the enemies. Immediately head to the door on the left. Kill the enemies and grab the Torch and Ammo.
3. Head upstairs. Grab the Ammo and the Two Edged Sword. Leave the Old Clock Tower and go kill the monsters in the main cathedial. Get the Sheet of Music from the organ. Go down the stairs behind the altar. Turn left, enter the rooms to get the Ammo.
4. Leave on proceed on collecting the items as you go. When you pass the pipe organ parts watch for the Trappers. Kill them and then activate the Torch. There will be doors on your left and right. Enter the one on your characters right first.
5. Turn the wheel on the bolier. Now leave and enter the other door. Use your Lucky Penny as a fuse. Pull the lever on the generator. Re-enter the bolier room. Summon a Trapper and crawl through the hole next to the door. Trap the dead soldier. Enter the room and get the third Circle of Power. Go back upstairs to the altar.
6.Play the organ. The notes are A,B,Y,X,B,Y,A. Go to the other side and get the Door Handle. GO down the altar and turn to your characters right. Go to the wall with the Ulyaoth symbol on it. Cast Reveal Invisible using Xel'lotath and the Seven Point circle. Now use the Door Handle on the door.
7. Get the Ammo and then descend the ladder. Kill the enemies and head down the stairs. Kill the enemies and then enter the door on the right but watch for the Trappers. Enter the next room.
8. Get the Soldiers Letter on the chair. Push the shelf in and proceed. In the next room kill the enemies. Grab the Binding Hall Key on the pedistal and return to the room with the previous Horror. Enter the other door.
9. Move slowly and kill the Trappers. Grab the Magickal Elixir off the table. Return to the previous room. Use the key on the locked door. Proceed down the set of stairs and grab the Magickal Attack Spell Scroll from the wall. Enter the door on the left.
BOSS-Dodge the ball attacks. Immediately after cast Magickal Attack using the Seven Point Circle and Chattur'gha. Repeat this process twice. It will change from balls to skeletonsat which point you'll notice that you can only damage him when the blue field covers his body.When the skeltons appear cast Chattur'gha. Finally you will be trapped in a green circle with it. The monster will try to stomp you seven to ten times. Simply run around dodging its feet. When it stops it will cover itself in the blue field so immediately cast the spell. Repeat this pattern until its dead. Grab the Essence of Xel'lotath.
MANSION-1. Head to the library and talk with the Ghost Maid. Get the Basement Key and head to the main hall and use the key on the door. Get the Shotgun from the wall. Get the Ammo from the ledge of the little pool and from the shelf.
2. Place the Lucky Penny in the fuse box next to the shelf. Press the action button again to examine the fuse box. Head to the second level and enter the room that was previously to dark. Check the chest to get the Journal of Maximillian Roivas. Turn around and check the medicine cabinet. Open it to get the Chapter Page. Read it.
                      CHAPTER 10- A LEGACY OF DARKNESS
                           AD 1952-ROIVAS FAMILY ESTATE
                                            RHODE ISLAND
1. Get the Historical Journal from the mantle. Check it to reveal a Minute Hand. Head toward the study. Now you need the Hour Hand to complete the puzzle.
2. Grab the Magick Pool Spell Scroll on the chair. Head to the main hall and then the second floor. Head left down the hall and enter the first door on the right. Get the Ammo and the Historical Journal on the right. Check it to get the Hour Hand.
3. Head back to the clock and move the hands to 3:33. Follow the ghost. Get the Ammo on the right and the Revolver on the left. Pick up the Tome on the table. Get the rest of the Ammo in the corners of the room and leave.
4. Kill the maid and pick up the Bottom Half of the Basement Key that fell from the jar. Enter the piano room. Get the Sabre from the stand. Return to the main hall and enter the room closest to you. Save your servant.
5. After the cutscene go to the second floor. Walk to the door behind the wallpaper. Now walk back. Go to the room with the Elephant Gun and rescue your servant. Go to the room opposite and kill your crazy servant. Head downstairs and rescue your other servant. This time the vampire monster will drop the other half of the Basement Key.
6. Fix the Basement Key and go downstairs. Attack the stone pillar until its destroyed. Kill the vampire. Collect the items around the room. Get the Summon Horror Spell Scroll on the shelf. Head down the ladder.
7. Descend the stairs and kill the Horrors. Quickly cast Magickal Attack before they can attack you.
8. Proceed to the next big battle. Enchant your weapon and activate a Shield. After killing the crony get close to the enemy and cast Dispel Magick with Xel'lotath. Follow it and attack it when it appears.
9. After killing the enemy enter the door. Pass through the machine and activate the middle array. Step into the teleporter. Kill the Trapper and walk to the end of the structure. Check the end of the structure and set it to Xel'lotath. Step back into the teleporter.
10. Kill the enemy and head upstairs. Flip the switch and leave the area. Return to the machine and activate the other arrays. You're forced to set each array to Parragon except the two others. Set those to Redgormor and Tier. After this task return to the mansion.
MANSION-1. Read the Hidden Note from Edward. Head to the basement and check the barrels on Alexandra's right to get the Pickax. Now head to the second floor and use the Pickax on the discolored section of the wall by the broken window. Use Dispel Magick with Chattur'gha and check the objects in the center. Get the Stethoscope and Journal entry.
2. Read the entry and head to the safe downstairs to the basement. Use the Stethoscope on the safe.The combination is 59 right,81 left and 46 right. Collect the various items,check them and read the Chapter Page.
                              CHAPTER 11- ASHES TO ASHES
                                 AD 1991- THE MIDDLE EAST
1. Kill the enemies and get the Assault Rifle, Pistol, Gernades and Ammo from your friends body. Go through the door and run past the skelton bird and descend the ladder. Climb the first ladder on the left, get the Gold Amulet and return to the ladder. Climb the ladder on the right. Kill the skeltons and get the Staff.
2. Go back down and head to the next ladder. Climb it. Go to the other side of the room past the model. Check the circular object shrouded in light. Combine the Staff with the Gold Amulet. Use it on the circular object. Manuver the staff so that it burns the sphere to the right causing it to open a compartment. Do the same on the left side. Now project light onto the pyramid in the center. Descend the ladder behind the Staff.
3. Return to the room where you found the Gold Amulet. Descend the ladder on the other side of the room. Kill the skeltons and ascend the ladder at the end of the hall. Kill the enemies in here and then descend the next ladder.
4. Use dispel magic to break the field and get the Emerald Effigy. Kill the snakes and continue to your character's left. Climb the first ladder on your character's right. Kill the enemies and descend the ladder in the middle of the room. Continue down the hall and enter the door.
5. After you kill the Trappers enter the only door. Kill the skeltons and enter the door on the right. Use each of the Effigies in front of the paintings. Place green in front of red,blue in front of green and red in front of blue.
6. Descend the secret staircase and get the Encahnted Gladius. Return to the previous room and then the room where you kill the skeletons. Summon an Ulyaoth Trapper and trap the large pillar blocking the ladder.
7. Descend the next few ladders and get the Bind Spell Scroll. Leave through the hole in the wall and cast Xel'lotath Bind spell to kill the Horror. Kill the other. Grab the Plastic Explosives and return to the room where you summoned the Trapper.
8. Cast Reveal Invisible with Xel'lotath to reveal a double doorway to your character's right. Go through it. Get the Detonator Caps next to the body and proceed.
9. Kill the snakes and combine the C4 with the Detonator Caps. Enchant the C4 and explode the bridge. Return to the previous room with the secret staircase. Exit through the door on the character's left which was prevoiusly blocked by rubble. It will lead you to safety.
MANSION-1. Head to the telescope room. Adjust the handles so that the light reaches the shiny sphere on the globe. Head to the basement and pick up the Brown Paper Parcel on the way. Open it to get the Essence of Chattur'gha and Enchanted Gladius. Descend the ladder and the spiraling staircase.
2. Proceed to the room of arrays casting Shield to pass the yellow field. When you get there quickly cast Xel'lotath Dispel Magick. You should just make it.
3. Once inside grab the Pedestal Fragments on the ground. Put them together using Enchant. Place the Pedesatal Fragment on top of the broken pedestal in front of the machine.
4. Place all three Essences on the pedestals. Now you must repeat the same process from the other chapter. Activate the arrays starting with the left and working clockwise.
5. Again you're forced to use Paragon on each array except for three. For these use Aretak, Xel'lotath and Tier. After you activate an array you're be faced with a puzzle or group of enemies.
6. 1. Cast Reveal Invisible with Xel'lotath
    2. Trappers
    3. Summon each monster and move them on the circles in front  of   their pictures
    4. Hallicination
    5. Enemies
    6. Enemies
    7. Go to the Ulyaoth symbol and cast a Xel'lotath spell
    8. Cast Shield, go to the right side, enter the yellow field and cast Dispel Magick on the damage field.
    9. Bind the enemies and kill the last one.
FINAL BOSS- Attack him with your Enchanted Sword to case Ulyaoth to appear. Wait for Pious to come close and attack Ulyaoth. Repeat until Ulyaoth stops appearing. Attack Pious to cause Damage. To bind him at the end simply choose Bankorok.