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========================================== Tactical Espionage Action Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty Walkthrough By: Mike DuBois Aka Apocalypse Version FINAL Size: 129 KB January 1st 2002 E-Mail: Copyright 2001 ========================================== ====== Index: ====== 1. Note From Me 2. Basic Controls 3. Walkthrough 1. Tanker 2. Plant 4. Items Items Weapons (Yeah Baby!) 5. Dog Tags 6. Contact Me! ============= Version FINAL ============= Added: -Fixed some mistakes on the walkthrough.(Sorry to everyone on the Strut-E packaging area, where I told you that a bomb was behind boxes...sorry about that, I didnt know why I said that. -SOCOM Supressor area on Normal Mode thanks to "Matt, The idiot from Ohio" -All Dog Tags on Hard. I would conquer extreme mode, but its just too freakin hard. If somebody wants to make a list for me, ill put it up here, and give them full credit. =========== Version 0.6 =========== Added: -Normal Dog Tag Locations. -Dog Tag Rewards. -The Hudson River Speech... =========== Version 0.5 =========== Added: -Easy Dog Tag List. -Opening Snake/Otacon Conversation. -Few grammar mistakes fixed. =========== Version 0.4 =========== DAMN! SO sorry for the EXTREMELY LATE up-date, I know its been a freakin long time, but I have had some family issues to deal with, so I cant apologize enough. Hopefully, Ill get you guys to the Ascending Colin, but who knows. You guys have NO CLUE how long it took me for these Dog Tags (I have to complain sometimes, dont I?), Now here, even though I have guided you to the end of the game, dont think that it is my last update, because it is not, I WILL end up finishing the Dog Tags section, and will be adding a secrets section. Added: -ALL Dog Tag locations on VERY EASY mode. -Instructions to the end of the game. =========== Version 0.3 =========== Hey, whats up everybody? Its 10:30 am, and I tried to stay up all night to, but just couldnt do it, sorry. Just gonna try my best to add as much as I can today, and hopefully, guide you guys to FATMAN, I might even get past that point, ya never know! ADDED: -Guide to FATMAN, and how to beat him =========== Version 0.2 =========== Sorry for the late up-date. :( I tried my best to get on here and finish it, but I HAVE A LIFE TOO YA KNOW! J/K. I know, Im severely late with the update, and this one is well deserved by you guys, but I have just not had the time. Sorry again, ill try my best to get as much typed as I can. ADDED: -End Of Mission One -Weapons M4, C4, and AK-74u =========== Version 0.1 =========== Well, this is the starting of my FAQ, cut me some slack sense this is my first FAQ. Well, this FAQ, will be for the Very Easy, and Easy modes for know, (For those of you who dont know, I am a chicken)^_^ I Guess I will try to get as far as I can in this version, because only has room for 10 FAQ's per game, so bear with me. Well, so far I have only gotten my lazy ass to defuse the bombs on easy mode, so you'll have to deal with that for now. I do plan on adding sections for all the difficulties, so bear with me ^_^ =============== 1. Note From Me =============== Well, first off, this has been the most anticipated game of the year (So far). Dont tell me you PS2 owners that you didnt buy your PS2 and not plan on purchasing this game, if you did, you are an idiot, sorry, but my personal opinion, and thats what this section is about! I decided to include spoilers in this FAQ, because I will be writing this stuff down as it goes, and if you dont want sopilers, just dont look at them! simple as that. Now, onto the walkthrough! (Short Legal Thingy): Ok, This FAQ belongs to me, not, nor, nor anybody else, you are not allowed to copy, or use any part of this FAQ without my permission. If you do, well, lets just say, you have been warned... =========== 2. Controls =========== D-Pad - Move Snake/Raiden X Button - Switch Between Crawl/Standing O Button - Punch/Kick, Knock when against a wall Triangle Button - Turn Knobs, Climb Short Objects, Hang From Ledges Square Button - Use Weapon, Choke From Behind, Search Guard (Weapon Must be Put Away) L1 Button - Lock-On To An Enemy L2 Button - Equip Last Used Item (Quick Push) Items Menu (Hold Button), Peek Left While Against Wall R1 Button - First Person View Mode R2 Button - Equip Last Used Weapon (Quick Push), Weapons Menu (Hold Button) Peek Right While Against Wall. Select - Codec Start - Tanker Button Controls/Plant Displays Map Running+X - Diving Summersault(Snake)/Roll(Raiden) L2+R2 While Hanging - Do Push-ups (Increase Hanging Gauge) L2+R2 While Standing Tip Toe ============== 3. Walkthrough ============== =========== Mission One =========== The Hudson River, two years ago... We had classified intelligence that a new type of Metal Gear was scheduled for transport. The whole thing stank... ...But out noses had been out in the cold too long... [Snake]: This is Snake, Do you read me Otacon? [Otacon]: Loud and clear, Snake. [Snake]: Kept you waiting, huh? Im at the "Sneak Point" [Otacon]: Everything Okay? [Snake]: Stealth Camos busted. Landing impact. [Otacon]: We mustve over used it. Sorry, youre gonna have to deal with it. Remember, youre not in the Military anymore... [Snake]: Right, I didnt plan on relying on this gadget anyway... [Otacon]: The privacy sectors not so bad, is it? Privacy guaranteed... [Snake]: Im happy, as long as on one gives me any more unwanted gifts. [Otacon]: You mean that thing with Naomi? [Snake]: ...and I cant say I miss the chattering Nanny. [Otacon]: Mei Lings not so bad. That reminds me, I have to get in touch with her again, about that new Natik Flashware. [Snake]: Diverting toys form the SSCEN (U.S. Army Solider Systems Center) again? Give her a message from me: Someone will find out sooner or later. Shes better off assuming Its sooner, and quit while shes ahead. [Otacon]: Too true Snake. Okay, Lets get to work. You know how the technical specs of Metal Gear were sold on the Black Market after Shadow Moses? [Snake]: All Ocelots Doing... [Otacon]: Exactly. Now every state, group, and dotcom, has its own version of Metal Gear. Not exactly a classified weapon for todays nuclear powers. This new one seems to have been designed to wipe the floor with all the other models. The only confirmed description sent is that it is an anti-Metal Gear vehicle. [Snake]: That would explain why this one is under Marine Corps jurisdiction... -Movie- ======== AFT DECK ======== This is the first place you start off as soon as you get through the sweet movies you just saw. Youll be behind some box type thing and youll have to take out your M9 and take out the guard on the balcony. Now, thats over, continue left until you get to the other box (only a few steps so be careful. Now, wait here until the guard comes walking up the side path. He will not be able to see you so just shoot him in the head. go over and search him. Youll see stairs and a door, but dont worry about that now, go down until you reach the end of that little corridor, and walk against the wall to discover a ration. Now, go back to that door and stairs, open the door and go through. ====================== Deck-A Crew's Quarters ====================== Well, This is a simple area, if you walk upward, you come to a locked door, so your only other choice, is to head South. The first door on Snakes left, is a locker room area, so just search the lockers for a [Ration] and come [M9] bullets. Exit the locker room, and stun the guard in the hall. Don't bother with the door to Snake's right because its locked. Head left and out the door. ==================== Deck-A Crew's Lounge ==================== Walk up and you see some stupid mini movie. It has not point to me, but just stun the guard and search him. Don't bother with the downward staircase for now, thats the engine room, its complicated, well get to it a little later on. Go up to the guard you just stunned, and search him, see that lounge area to your right? Go into it, theres [M9] bullets on the bar area, and a [Ration] all the way to the left. Go back to the stunned guard, dont go up the big staircase quite yet. Go straight, and youll come to a decending staircase, go down it and you'll see a guard trying to catch some z's when he wakes up, either stun him, or hold him up for his dog tags. There are the easiest dog tags to obtain in the game sense the guy doesnt move! Well, theres some [USP] bullets here, but you cant use them quite yet. Go back up the stairs and Whoo-Hoo, we get to go up the big staircase. Well, sense the door on the left is locked, looks like the only way to go is right. Head right through the door. ====================== Deck-B Crew's Quarters ====================== Go straight up, watch a short movie, and stun guard, can't be anymore blunt than that, now can we? ====================== Deck-C Crew's Quarters ====================== Go towards that hall...don't move to quickly, you'll get a call form Otacon, explaining the situation. Just flatten yourself agonist the wall and move slowly under the camera. Once by the camera, search the locker on the left for some [Chaff Grenades] (NOW they give em' to ya?!) and go up the stairs. Once up the stairs, go to the right, (This is where it gets tricky, try to follow me here, if I lose ya, im sorry, but i'll do my best^_^) go up to a stockroom type deal, and grab the [M9] bullets as well as [BOX 1] go back out and you'll get a call from Otacon, DON'T ignore it, or your in trouble. Crawl under the censors and stun the guard. Go into the dinning area, and watch out for the camera. Now, in this area, there are 3 items, it looks kinda Blah, but theres some fun things to do here, first go into the kitchen/cooking area, and grab the [Ration] now, crawl under the tables, and pick up the [M9] bullets, and under the other table is some [USP] bullets, but un fortunately, you cannot use them at this point. Go back to where you stunned the guard and head up the stairs. ================= Deck-E The Bridge ================= Now, here you watch a decent movie, and your near the first BOSS of the game, Olga Gurlokovitch. Grab the [Ration] on the left, and remember the [USP] bullets on the right. SAVE NOW!!!! Head out the door on the left. ============================= BOSS FIGHT: Olga Gurlokovitch ============================= Well, here you watch a pretty sweet movie, where Snake trys the "FREEZE!" technique, but sadly fails. Olga is WICKED EASY if you know what your doing, I beat her my first time playing, and left with half of my life still left. Ok, to start off, you must shoot out the strings on the tarp, you might take a hit or two, but thats alright, just as long as out get it out of the way, next is that big search light, see it? Take that out to. Now, if you need rations, for health and your running low, theres one on the far left, don't really need to worry about that though. Now, where this ration is, make sure she knows your there behind those crates, the two stacked up, but make sure she CANNOT see you as well, now, when shes firing out into the open, walk into the middle of the battle field, where theres only one crate stacked. Now shes still just firing into the open like a dumbass, take a shot or two at her. Repeat these steps until you see her BLUE health bar go all the way down, her regular health wont go down, the BLUE one will, when the blue health bar goes all the way down (about 10-12 shots with the M9) she falls asleep! Whoo-Hoo! Now, you go into movie mode again, and get your first REAL gun of the game the Infamous USP...what a loud search Olga's body and take her dog tags. SAVE YOUR GAME! They dont let you have any bullets for a specific reason at this point in the game, for the reason they dont want you to kill Olga, with the reason being she appears in the game again. Easy fight huh? ================= Deck-E The Bridge ================= Well, First BOSS FIGHT over and done with, congratulate yourself, and move on. This part is not actually the bridge, but after the fight is over, walk to the right, until you see the guard come out the door, Tranquilize him and ascend the crows nest, check every level, and youll eventually find the [Thermal Goggles]. You can get the [Wet Box] if you would like, but it doesnt work inside, guards will check it, and hell your screwed. Comon back down, and go back into the bridge. Grab the [USP] bullets and head back down the stairs. Not go back down the huge staircase that you came up to get here. Youll find it. (E-Mail me or IM me, if your stuck. Its hard to explain. You know passed that camera that you had to sneak under?) ==================== Deck-A Crews Lounge ==================== Ok, go down the big staircase and Tranquilize the guard pacing back and forth, head to the right, and go down the staircase. =========== Engine Room =========== Ok, first off, this will be another contact me, if your stuck, because theres no real way to get through this. Ill try my best though. This area, you can mostly make your way through it on your own, its confusing, but easy at the same time, get my drift? Make your way to the 3 sensors, and Otacon will give you a call and tell you how to disarm them, follow his instructions and make your way through the doors. If you dont feel like listening to him, just shoot the flashing green things, and be sure not to hit the C4, simple. First One: Stand on the box, where the [USP] bullets and shoot it with your USP, the tranquilizer will do nothing to it. Second One: Basically visible, Shoot it. Third One: You CANNOT see the blinking green light. All you can see it the outline of it, it is on the left. Take it out, and make your way through the door. ================ Deck-2 Portside ================ One rule for this part, USE YOUR M9, I cant stress that enough, your USP is WAY to loud, and it echoes throughout the hall, and its light on the end alerts the guards. Along the walls of the hall are nooks, none of the doors open, so dont try. There are about 4 boxes of [USP] bullets in those nooks, so be sure to pick those up. ================ Deck-2 Starboard ================ Watch a Movie then you get a: Mini-Boss Fight: Well, actually not a boss at all just A LOT of guards. Around 10-12 of them I should say. Best thing to do is hide behind the crates, and shoot the hell out of them with your USP, dont worry, no one will hear it. If you run out of ammo theres some [USP] ammo behind you. Im pretty sure you had ran across some grenades earlier in the game, so use those if you have them. Otacon calls and tells you something about the LT's speech, that it will only last for a certain amount of time. You have 400 seconds, get there as fast as you can! After the fight, proceed through the door. Cool Note: During the movie, no matter what gun you have out BEFORE the movie, snake will have his USP out. Cool huh? ====== Hold 1 ====== Ok, here it is, you are finally near your mission objective. First head down the ladders, and stay on your left side, as long as you crawl underneath the projector, and stay out of the troops line of vision you ARE all set. BE CAREFUL! The floors creak, head on over to Hold-2 ====== Hold 2 ====== Crawl underneath the projector, like you did last time, BEWARE: when you are on the right had side, the LT. Will yell, ENEMY SPOTTED TO THE RIGHT, so be sure to STAY BEHIND A CRATE, or else you will be caught. Dont worry, they are only doing exercises, you dont have anything to worry about, head up, through the door to Hold 3 ====== Hold 3 ====== HERE IT IS!!!!! METAL GEAR RAY!!!! The upload thingy is on the right had side, but take your pictures now. Front, Front Right, Front Left, and the MARINES symbol (Back left or right). Once you get those, upload those to Otacon, and watch a Movie, Long one I may add. Note: IF you dont find the MARINES symbol, dont worry, just upload the ones you have for now, and if your slacking off, and the timer counts down to zero, dont worry you have about 20-25 more seconds before his speech is over, so Hurry, dont quote me on those times, and dont e-mail me if you rely on that alone. ^_^ ======================== END OF MISSION ONE!!!!!! ======================== ===================== Mission 2 The Plant ===================== ===================== Strut-A Deep Sea Dock ===================== Here, is where you start off your mission as RAIDEN. Youll get a short movie, and a call from the Colonel, about your objectives. Theres a [Ration] in a locker, and some Bandages. The [M9] and some [M9] bullets are on top of the crate, if you are playing on easy or very easy, which I was when I first played :P ===================== Strut-A Pump Facility ===================== Here are some guards, that you have to hide from, like in the first game (MGS1 for those not familiar), wait for the elevator to come down, and head into it. RAIDEN will take off his mask in the movie you see in the elevator. ============ Strut-A Roof ============ Now that your up on top of the roof, there are some [M9] bullets, and a [Bandage]. Go to the ripped fence on the left, and crawl through it, head down the stairs. ========== Strut-A F1 ========== There is some [SOCOM] bullets in a locker, along with a [Ration], the only catch is, that you cannot retrieve the SOCOM bullets quite yet. Doge the guard, and login using the node in the corner, dont exit right, because the CYPHER will catch you, head left to the AB connecting bridge. ==================== AB Connecting Bridge ==================== Choose the top path, and either choke or stun the guard, run across the bridge, and into Strut-B ========== Strut-B F1 ========== Damn, looks like one on the members of Dead Cell, has beaten you to this area already, Vamp. Vamp can dodge bullets, and doesnt die when you shoot him in the head (Youll see later on in the game). He is awesome with a knife. Watch an AWESOME movie, I mean AWESOME. Here is where you meet Pliskin, and obtain the all mighty, [SOCOM] pistol. Watch another movie, and login with the node. The suppressor, is right up the stairs, if you are playing on easy or very easy, someone please help me out with the location of the suppressor, if you have found it on normal mode. Theres also a [Ration] in the transformer box, and [M9] bullets on the ground. ==================== BC Connecting Bridge ==================== Here, you meet Fortune,(In a movie that is) the woman of Dead Cell, she just cant be hurt. She even makes grenades go dead. Well, getting to the point, she kills all the troops, and Vamp walks off with the president. After she blows the bridge away, there will be some [Chaff Grenades] where the bride ends, dont fall off. Make your way to Strut-C ============== Strut-C, Lobby ============== Here, you meet Peter Stillman, a Bomb Specialist. He trained FATMAN, and knows a lot about him. Hell give you a new objective, to disarm C4, and he'll give you: Sensor A Detects odorless bombs Level 1 keycard Opens lvl 1 Security Doors. Coolant Bomb Diffuser Be sure to login with the node, and head to the Womans Bathroom, the bomb will be above the mirror. ==================== CD Connecting Bridge ==================== Basically, just two guards along this bridge, stun/kill them, and move along, nothing to see here ===================== Strut-D Sediment Pool ===================== Round room, 3 guards, 2 floorskill the first guard across from you, but make sure to keep the other two alive, because one of them performs the checks of Nothing Here you know what I mean. The bomb is on the bottom floor, youll know where it is when the Colonel calls you and tells you how to open the trap doorsDuh but anyways, login at the node, and exit that door to your right. ==================== DE Connecting Bridge ==================== 3 Cyphers, One CHAFFmove along people. ================= Strut-E Packaging ================= Stun/Kill the guard, grab the [Box 5]. Theres [M4 Ammo] here, but you cant use it yet, head downstairs, and take the [M. Detector]. Login the node, and head out. Head up to the Heli-Pad and defuse the bomb, its under the harrier, and the right wing to be exact, youll have to crawl under the wing to get to it. ==================== EF Connecting Bridge ==================== Use the M. Detector here, watch out for the Cyphers though. When you get to the end of the bridge, youll get a call from Deepthroat A.K.A. Mr. X ================= Strut-F Warehouse ================= Here, this is a giant area with 2 floors. Watch out for ALL the guards because they call and check in with Nothing Here so just go in the lvl 1 doors, and grab what you can for ammo and stuff. Drop down from the floor your, on. You have do drop off, from the left side, of that big square part in the middle, you hang off, and hit down, to drop, walk straight and defuse the bomb in front of you. See, the book on top of the crates? Thats the [Book] its a dirty magazine, and it distracts the guards. Theres also the suppressor for the SOCOM here, in the vent shaft, on the bottom floor in the vent, near the node. PHEW! Thanks to "Matt the Idiot from Ohio" ==================== FA Connecting Bridge ==================== 3 Cyphers, some [Chaff Grenades] and a short walk, thats all it takes, all I did was threw a chaff, grabbed the other chaffs, and made my way across ======= Strut-A ======= Your BACK! But this time, you have an agenda. The bomb is in the alternate room. Go to the second set of metal stairs, and crawl left, under the first two pipes, and halfway under the 3rd one, crawl down, towards the camera, and thats where the bomb is. Get a call from Pete, and hell tell you there's one more bomb, besides the one is Strut-B. Head to Strut-B ==================== AB Connecting Bridge ==================== Just run past the guards. ======= Strut-B ======= Go to where you met Pliskin, and the bomb is on the wall, behind the open transformer box, spray it, and get a call from Pete. ======= Strut-C ======= Go to the room that Pete had locked himself in, and take the [Sensor B] this sensor detects Fatmans cologne, because this last bomb is odor less, get a call form Pete, and get your time limit for getting to the last bomb, 400 seconds I believe. RUN back to Strut-A and get to the roof. ============ Strut-A Roof ============ Go back onto the elevator, where you came from, watch out for the guard, and you might want the [Bandage]. Go to the back of the elevator, and hit triangle. Youll get a call while on it, and Pete goes buh-bye. ========================= Strut-A Deep Sea Entrance ========================= Here, go back to the pool, run to the sub, creep towards the edge of the pool, and spray the last bomb youll only find it if you have your Sensor S out, and it wont show up on the radar like the other ones did, your T.V. will beep. =================== BOSS FIGHT: FORTUNE =================== Basically you cannot do anything here, because Fortune cannot be hurt, so thinks your Snake, and is pissed at you for sinking the tanker, 2 years earlier, that her Father and Brother were on, just stay low, behind the left crate stacks, you should be fine. Vamp will come down, and youll see a cool movie. Head back to the Strut-E Heli-Pad ================ Strut-E Heli-Pad ================ Here, equip your Sensor A and take out your SOCOM. Defuse the Bomb in the middle of the place, and Wait. ================== BOSS FIGHT: FATMAN ================== The strategy here is to first defuse the bombs, just get to the bombs, youll be able to find them easy. Now, remember those claymores that you really have no use for, plant them all around, and when FATMANs down, run over and Un-Load on him as fast as you can. Repeat this process, and youll have him beaten in no time ================ Strut-E Heli-Pad ================ SAVE YOUR GAME! Now the last bomb is under FATMAN himself, just pick him up and drag him out of the way. Hell drop PETER STILLMANs dog tags, pick them up, take out your coolant, and defuse the bomb that was under him. SAVE YOUR GAME!! ================= Strut-F Warehouse ================= Start off, on the top floor again, beware of the guards, be sure stay on the top floor, and find the [M4], it does come in handy. Drop down like you did with the bomb diffusion, and find the other LVL 2 doors, and see what they have to offer, be sure to obtain the [AK-74u] on the bottom floor, along with its suppressor (Easy, and Very Easy) and head out. ==================== EF Connecting Bridge ==================== Take out some chaffs, or be sure to shoot down the CYPHERS when heading across the bridge, chaffs are not to good of an idea, sense this is the bridge with the mines, but do what you please, take the path to the left, and watch out, the panels fall, so RUN. Enter the CORE ====================== Shell-1 Core 1st Floor ====================== Be sure to equip your BDU (Enemy Uniform) and your AK-74u, or else you will be spotted. Dont worry, once you have these two things on/equipped, NO ONE will notice you. So make you way around, and snag the [BOX 4] and make your way to the elevator. ================ Shell-1 Core, B2 ================ Here, you can find a [Ration] if you need one and the [D. Mic] be sure to get that, after that, head to Shell-1 Core, B1 ================ Shell-1 Core, B1 ================ Here, you need to take that guard in the hallway, and drag him to the retina scan, because you simply wont do. I did this by going into the locker area, and waited until he walks in the hallway, and choked him from behindbut do as you please. Now, use the D.Mic to find your guy, Ames. He,(for me) has a pacemaker that beeps, so just look for a high-pitched beeping sound, but be sure it is Ames, before you call him/her out (Triangle Button), or else the guard will see you, oh yea, dont let the guard see you ^_^ Watch the movie, blah, blah, blah, and get the keycard. Equip your AK, before Ocelot sees you, and wait for him to take your BDU helmet off. Heres another movie, and the Ninja come and rescues you, but not before you get to see Ames die form FOXDIE, for those MGS1 players out there... Shoot you way out back to the EF connecting bridge ==================== EF Connecting Bridge ==================== CYPHERS, Mines, Take out the CYPHERS and walk across the bridge, a threw a Chaff, but once again, YOUR playing the game, not me. Head to Strut F ================= Strut F Warehouse ================= Now, we know your supposed to head to Strut D, but here, we can obtain a [RBG6 Grenade Launcher] and some [C4] as well as the [PSG1] theyre all behind LvL 3 security doors, I think that the C4 has Infared Sensors by it, so be careful! Head now to Strut D ===================== Strut D Sediment Pool ===================== Remember the LvL 3 Security door earlier? I knew you didnt well, anyways, go though it, and had to the DL Connecting Bridge. ============================================ DL Connecting Bridge (1-2 Connecting Bridge) ============================================ Here, this is where I got REALLY stuck, even though, I am a dumbass, so Ill try to explain this as best as I can. OK, here are some bombs called Semtex. Theyre almost like C4, but theyre not. Get a call from the Colonel and hell tell you hot to get rid of em. Theres one on the orange pipe in front of you, shoot it, now theres TWO on the left side of the platform stairs that your on, take them out. Now, there one on the left side of the door opposite of you. I suggest using the PSG1 for that. Now there on ON TOP of the CYPHER, thats right, now, use some PENTAZEMIN or have a Cig, and you should be all set. =================================== BOSS FIGHT: Solidus and the Harrier =================================== Now, I know your thinking, "Oh, great, a big freakin plane, and what the hell am I gonna take it down with?" well, heres your answer, Pliskin will drop down a [STINGER] missile launcher, and a [Ration], now, equip the Stinger, and when the Harrier comes into view, the red crosshairs are locked on, BOOM! Fire away, and after a few hits, it will come overhead, and unload on it, if you need more ammo, Pliskin will hook you up. Thats about it to this boss fight. Move Along... ======================= DL Oil Processing Plant ======================= Here, we learn that Snake (Pliskin) has been helping you all along, Blah, Blah, Blah, ok, now Watch the movie, and follow these directions, see that gray beam hanging off the right side? Go over to it, and hit Triangle, your hanging! YES! Ok, hit R2 and shuffle you way to the orange tube below you, and hit X to jump onto it, dont run on it, or you will fall off, so make your way up, and to the walkway. Now, these panels fall, so run fast, head up the ladder, now, there are 2 guards looking out the windows, and panels that fall, so stun the guards, or, just one guard, and let the other one take his time to see whats going on, and make your way across that bride type thingy, and make sure they dont see you or theyll call a CYPHER, make your way up the other ladder. ==================== KL Connecting Bridge ==================== Here we are, and who cares if a guard pisses on your head? Right? Now, peek around the corner, and take out all the CYPHERS, and make sure to take out the guard on the upper part of the bridge, and make your way across. ========================= Shell 2 Core, First Floor ========================= Listen to Olga, with the D.Mic, and head down the elevator, ================ Shell 2 Core, B1 ================ Yes, I know its a bit wet, but deal with it. The [Nikita] is at the end of the flooded hall STRIGHT BACK. Head back to floor 1. ========================= Shell 2 Core, First Floor ========================= Now, here we are, what to do, climb up on the crates, and fire a Nikita in the top vent. Turn right while guiding the missile, and bust through the Grate, and once through that, go straight, if you get confused, youll definitely find it yourself. Now, the electricity is off, head into the presidents chamber. Whoo-hoo, heres the president, he tell you some stuff, about Outer Heaven and such, now you have obtained the LvL 4 keycard, Ocelot comes into the room and kills the President, head back down to the flooded area, youll know what to do, youll get a call, and they will tell you. ================ Shell 2 Core, B1 ================ Underwater time, once again. USE AIRHOLES WHEN YOU FIND THEM! (White Dots) I cant stress that enough. Go underwater now, and take your first right. Now left, and the immediate left after that. Go all the way to the end of this path, and you should find a door with a wheel that you can open, open it, and go through , Into the rubble, here you can pick up the [PSG1-T] its a tranquilizer sniper rifle, make your way through the rubble, and into the next area. ================================= Shell 2, Water Filtration Chamber ================================= ================ BOSS FIGHT: VAMP ================ Now, here Vamp appears, rising out of the water like hes the shiznit, but hes not, hell rise out of the water, and hell fly around like a madman, heres the stragity: How I thought this up, I dont know, but when you start off, hell be flying around, and you cant really hit him with any other gun than the Stinger, shoot a couple of those puppies at him, and he will dive into the water. Here you will want to throw grenades into the water, and those will damage him A LOT. Repeat this process until dead. ================================= Shell 2, Water Filtration Chamber ================================= Now, heres another short swim, definitely not as hard as the other one, so you will manage. Right, Left, Left, the short and sweet path. Make your way to the computer room, and check the lockers, Emma is in the center one, so get as many items as you can before opening her locker. Now, head back the way you came, and watch out for the mines where you fought Vamp. ================= Shell 2, Core, B1 ================= Now, theres just a ton a bugs here, and Emma cant stand bugs, so you have 2 options: 1. Spray the bugs away with the coolant. 2. Choke her and drag her across, either way, bring her into the elevator. ====================== Shell 2, Core, Floor 1 ====================== Stun the guards, and make your way out. ==================== KL Connecting Bridge ==================== Theres a guard here, as well as a [Ration] and some [SOCOM] bullets, along with some [PSG1] ammo, pick them up, if need be, head over to the fire, put it out with the Coolant, and enter Strut L ======= Strut L ======= Sorry, I dont quite remember what this Struts name was, but anyway, stun/kill the guards, and make your way through the twisty-handled door. ============ KL Oil Fence ============ Here was a tough part of the game for me. Here, Emma leaves to cross the fence. Your job is to keep her safe by sniping all the foreign objects out fo her way(Mines, too, if your not playing the Very Easy level, CYPHERS, and Guards.) Just keep calling Snake, and finally he will show up, and help you out. Its fairly easy ================ BOSS FIGHT: Vamp ================ Get a really good shot at his head...BOOM! take him out, 5 shots at the max (Dont know how many it is for other difficulties) but it should be 2 for Very Easy, try not to hit Emma huh? If you do, Game Over... Now, you have 1,000 seconds to get to the computer room...Quick way Head to Strut E, and to the core from there, you SHOULD know the way by now, if not, just ask me for more help. ==================== Strut E, Parcel Room ==================== Here you can get the digital camera, which allows you to save pictures to your memory card, I took some of snake in the Ascending Colon, and the Upper Colon, theyre beauties, but anyway, make you way to the computer room in the core. =========================== Shell 1, Core Computer Room =========================== Here, you get to watch a movie, and Emma dies, Shucks, but here is the best part of the GAME, (I Think), its during the move, after Emma dies, when Otacon is leading the way, and Raiden and Snake, are behind him, I dont know, its just a wicked cool sense if you ask me. You are now taken capture and have to hit Triangle to hold your breath. ===================== Arsenal Gear: Stomach ===================== Here, YOUR NAKED! theres a [Ration] under the table to your left, and a [Medicine] in the locker by the door, head out, even though you are naked. ============================= Arsenal Gear: Aoyana Ni Chome ============================= Wow, heres almost the hardest part IN THE GAME. Now, listen to this or you WILL FAIL the mission. Dont mean to sound rude or anything, but be careful on this part. OK, wait until the guard is facing left, run to the right side, and head up the FIRST flight of stairs, and wait until the guard is looking the other way. RUN across the bridge across form you and head toto obtin the [Box 5] I believe. Now, make your way up, in the box evading the guard, once past him, head to the right, theres a bridge there. Dont worry about being caught by the guard here, because Snake is waiting just in the next room, with your gear, plus guards dont follow you into the other rooms. ============================= Arsenal Gear: Ascending Colon ============================= Here, run down, while answering all the codec calls you receive, and hope its Rose, pick up the [Ration], and keep running up and down until Rose calls. Meet up with Snake, and get your gear back. ========================= Arsenal Gear: Upper Colon ========================= Use for AK for this section, but before you enter youll see Snake point to his bandana and say Infinite Ammo for those who played Metal Gear Solid, youll think its cool too...but just take out all the guys and follow Snake. =========================== Arsenal Gear: Sigmoid Colon =========================== Bust out the M4, after the fight Snake will tell you to leave, its all part of a plan so dont worry. ================== Arsenal Gear: Roof ================== ========================== BOSS FIGHT: Metal Gear RAY ========================== Here, is where you get to fight RAY, Whoo-hoo, well, be sure to have plenty of stinger missiles, and brace yourself. What you have to do here, is focus on the middle RAY at all times, what you have to do, is bust out the Stinger, and when the red crosshairs are locked on, fire away. Once the middle ones health has gone down, it will jump into the middle, here, just blast away at its head with the Stinger. It all depends on what difficulty you are on, for how many RAYs you fight. Very Easy is 3. Now, on their attacks, they have machine guns, missile launchers, and homing missiles. Homing missiles you cant really do anything about them, but dodge the machine guns, as well as the missiles. The missiles give off a beep, and when the beep gets faster, the closer the missiles get, when the beep gets near (faster), flip out of the way. Eventually, OLGA (Mr. X, the Ninja) will come to your rescue. =================== BOSS FIGHT: Solidus =================== Although this may sound like it, its not an incredibly hard boss fight. Now, to start off theres a [Ration] in the upper corner. Now onto Solidus. Hes not hard like I had said before, just run up to him and slash away, use your Rations when needed. Solidus also has missiles, and some tough attacks. Dodging the Missiles isnt hard, and his attacks can be dodged as well, sooner or later he will eject the missile launcher, and you will fight him one on one. Knock him down, and wait till he gets up, and do it again. ========= AFTERMATH ========= New York City. Snake appears behind Raiden, and they have a little chat. Snake is going to look for Olgas baby and to find the Patriots. He tells Raiden he cannot come. Raiden hands over his Dog Tags with your name on them. Snake now leaves and Raiden and Rose are talking. Raiden's a the end Snake and Otacon are talking, they have found the location of the Patriots, but they all have been dead for over 100 years...(I will eventually post the final conversation.) ======== 4. Items ======== 1. Items(L2 Menu Items)- RATION - Restores Health BANDAGE - Stops Bleeding PENTAZEMIN - Stops Trembling KEY CARD - Opens Certain Doors. CARDBOARD BOX Disguise. Box 5, Actually Attracts Guards...Theres No Point To It... BINOCULARS - Looking Far Away X-Zoom Out O-Zoom Out THERMAL GOGGLES - Night Vision! Cool! Detects Body Heat AP SENSOR - Controller Vibrates When Enemy Approaches SUPPERSSOR(Various) - Silences Guns SENSOR A - Detects C4 Bombs MAGAZINE - Empty Clip For A Gun BOOK - Porn To Distract Guards DOG TAGS - Steal Em From Guards, Dunno, Collect Enough, Maybe Get A Surprise! 2.Weapons- M9 - A Handgun That Has Been Modified To Shoot Tranquilizer Darts, Equipped With A Silencer And A Laser Pointer! WHOO-HOO! Wont Kill A Guard, Will Stun Them, But Aim For The Head, It WIll Knock Them Out Faster USP - First REAL Gun That You Get From Killing The First Boss Olga LOUD, I Didn't Use It All That Much, Attracts Too Much Attention SOCOM - Second REAL Gun You Obtain In The Game From Pliskin...Can Attach A Suppressor, LoL The Damn Thing Is Right Up The Stairs... M4 An Automatic Gun, That You Get Right Before The AK-74u, Decent, Very Accurate Though AK-74u Kinda Like The M4 I Really See No Difference Between The Two Though. PSG1 Sniper Rifle High Powered Sniper Rifle, Zoom Scope, Use PENTAZEMIN When Needed, Note: No Silencer Equipped STINGER Missile Launcher, Get It From Pliskin A.K.A. Snake To Take Down The Harrier. Gets The Job Done. NIKITA Used To Free The President, Fires Guided Missiles. BLADE The Granddaddy Of Them All, What We Heard In Those Rumors, Was True. Actually, In My Opinion, The Sword SUCKED, But Now, Get As Good As You Can With It, It Will Come In Handy Later. GRENADE - Pull The Pin With Square, Affects Are Obvious... CHAFF GRENADE - Scrambles Electronics, ex. Security Cameras, But Watch Out, It Disables Your Radar. STUN GRENADE - Pull Pin With Square And Throw, Stuns Guards. C4 Plastic Explosive, Used To Blow Things Up. You Trigger It. CLAYMORE An Explosive Kinda Like That C4, But It Is Triggered When It Is Walked Over, I Basically Used Most Of Them On FATMAN. Can Be Retrieved If Crawled Over. COOLANT - Freezes C4, Wakes Sleeping People Up Etc. ======== Dog Tags ======== ========= VERY EASY ========= ====== Tanker ====== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_____Found At_______________ 000 - Olga Gurlukovich 0923 | A | | Navigational Deck, Wing 001 - Ross E. Bowman 0616 | B | | AFT Deck 002 - Abraham Carille 0704 | ? | | AFT Deck 003 - Kaisser Ag Agnouche 0120 | O | | AFT Deck 004 - Arnaud Delaunay 0430 | O | | Navigational Deck, Wing 005 - Ryoji Makimura 1206 | B | | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters 006 - Kim K. Christensen 0928 | AB | | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters 007 - Kevin S. Purvis 1114 | B | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 008 - Yasuhiro Miyamoto 0225 | AB | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 009 - Micheal C. Anthony 0307 | O | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 010 - Carlos Garci Garcie 1230 | A | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 011 - Mineshi Kimura 0618 | AB | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 012 - Jonathan Hancock 0228 | AB | | Deck 2, Port 013 - Bryn T. Kershaw 0304 | O | | Deck 2, Port 014 - Micheal Hurkmans 1205 | B | | Deck 2, Port 015 - Ken Ogasawara 0630 | B | | Engine Room 016 - Petro Kyrylenko 0218 | ? | | Engine Room 017 - Aaron F. Kopf 0624 | AB | | Engine Room 018 - James P. Fitzgibons 0513 | ? | | Engine Room 019 - Alexander Strigi 0403 | A | | Engine Room ===== Plant ===== #_____Name________________________D.O.B_BT____Found At________________ 000 - Iroquois Pliskin ???? | ? | | Arsenal Gear, Ascending | Colon 001 - Carlos I. Siu 0325 | O | | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock 002 - Clinton J. Heileman Jr. 0324 | O | | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock 003 - Mike J. Newman 1213 | B | | Strut A, Roof 004 - Rayan A. Said 0417 | AB | | Strut A, Pump Room 005 - Shigeo Okajima 0130 | A | | Strut A, Pump Room 006 - Cord B. Smith 0918 | O | | AB Connecting Bridge 007 - Mario C. Lopez 0816 | ? | | AB connecting Bridge 008 - Shuhei Tanaka 0425 | O | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 009 - Momoko Kawai 0327 | ? | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 010 - Kengo Iwata 1129 | AB | | BC Connecting Bridge 011 - Daniel Modol 0624 | ? | | Strut C, Dining Hall 012 - Noriyuki Katsumura 0128 | O | | Strut C, Dining Hall 013 - Tetsuro Sueyoshi 0131 | O | | CD Connecting Bridge 014 - Tony J. Ylaranta 0420 | O | | CD Connecting Bridge 015 - Paul R. Martin 0611 | O | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 016 - Leandro M. Cardoso 0314 | ? | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 017 - Al J. Josel 0929 | A | | DE Connecting Bridge 018 - Hyoko Hariyama 1227 | A | | DE Connecting Bridge 019 - Barna K. Olvedi 1109 | AB | | Strut E, Parcel Room 020 - Yuta Kunibe 1205 | A | | Strut E, Parcel Room 021 - Daniel C. Bell 0620 | ? | | Strut E, Heli-port 022 - Yuki Miyata 1011 | O | | Strut E, Heli-port 023 - Nadim Daban 0829 | AB | | Strut F, Warehouse 024 - Timothy J. Kane 0809 | AB | | Strut F, Warehouse 025 - Allen J. Chang 0609 | B | | FA Connecting Bridge 026 - Jean Luc Cougar 0720 | A | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 027 - Luis A. Fernandes 0721 | AB | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 028 - Yuta Kiguchi 0813 | A | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 029 - Masafumi Okuta 0707 | B | | Shell 1 Core, B1 030 - Mathew R. Bartz 0925 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B1 031 - Kunio Takabe 0718 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 032 - Joey Simkins 0409 | AB | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 033 - Sue G Westli 0627 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 034 - Sam M. Shrimpton 0131 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 035 - Norihiko Hibino 0903 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 036 - Erik R. Christy 0308 | ? | | KL Connecting Bridge 037 - Jason C. Patino 0920 | O | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 038 - Maarten Van Der Zwan 0107 | A | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 039 - Motoyuki Toshioka 0708 | B | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 040 - Adrian Thein 0524 | A | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 041 - Yuki Higuchi 0416 | A | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 042 - Peter Stillman 1116 | A | | Strut E, Heli-port ==== EASY ==== ====== Tanker ====== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT____Found At________________ 000 - Olga Gurlukovich 0923 | A | | Navigational Deck, Wing 001 - Nicholas M. Capone 1217 | O | | AFT Deck 002 - Donal L. Gilliland 1228 | O | | AFT Deck 003 - Joe T. Holdren 0915 | AB | | AFT Deck 004 - Shaun P. Wilson 0513 | O | | Navigational Deck, Wing 005 - Jeff K. Hui 1031 | B | | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters 006 - Mark W. Bruce 0806 | O | | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters 007 - Yukho Wong 0123 | B | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 008 - Anders E. Leiro 1122 | ? | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 009 - Skrakfus Mercio 0209 | O | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 010 - Gavin S. Nash 1206 | B | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 011 - David S. Eastwick 1108 | A | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 012 - Kozaka Kh Henri 0502 | ? | | Deck 2, Port 013 - Marcin A. Cieslinski 0630 | A | | Deck 2, Port 014 - Thomas P. Dohm 0207 | AB | | Deck 2, Port 015 - Enrique Camacho 0513 | O | | Engine Room 016 - Takashi Ohari 0512 | A | | Engine Room 017 - Max C. Wood 0210 | ? | | Engine Room 018 - John W. Fleming 1123 | AB | | Engine Room 019 - Edward B. Elston 0108 | B | | Engine Room 020 - Christopher D. Dadah 0303 | O | | Engine Room ===== Plant ===== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_____Found At_______________ 000 - Meryl Silverburgh ???? | A | | Arsenal Gear, Ascending | Colon 001 - Thomas G. Cardner 0806 | A | | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock 002 - Matthew R. Vogel 0714 | AB | | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock 003 - Megumi Nakaniihara 0716 | A | | Strut A, Roof 004 - Mathew A. Bullock 0326 | O | | Strut A, Pump Room 005 - Addam J. Drew 0902 | B | | Strut A, Pump Room 006 - Yusuke Takada 0403 | ? | | AB Connecting Bridge 007 - Miles D. Ashley 0505 | ? | | AB Connecting Bridge 008 - Mark E. Francis 0326 | O | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 009 - Kazuki Muraoka 0309 | O | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 010 - Tom A. Hutchinson 0828 | ? | | BC Connecting Bridge 011 - Corey E. Louden 0211 | A | | Strut C, Dining Hall 012 - Ian J. Andrews 0605 | O | | Strut C, Dining Hall 013 - Tim J. Veldboom 1109 | ? | | CD Connecting Bridge 014 - David C. Ratanaseangsuang 0202 | B | | CD Connecting Bridge 015 - Nicholas J. Schreiber 0608 | O | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 016 - Achim Amaan 0821 | A | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 017 - Tommy Blunt 0101 | O | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 018 - Mariko Nakamura 0109 | A | | DE Connecting Bridge 019 - Emily Britt 0819 | O | | DE Connecting Bridge 020 - Daniel A. Longworth 0613 | A | | Strut E, Parcel Room 021 - Caroline M-L Gibson 0605 | ? | | Strut E, Parcel Room 022 - Yuki Sawada 0324 | B | | Strut E, Heli-Port 023 - Daijiro Takeshima 0206 | A | | Strut E, Heli-Port 024 - Abigail G. Sanchez 1017 | O | | Strut F, Warehouse 025 - Evan A. Ball 0213 | B | | Strut F, Warehouse 026 - Juergen Jur Goessnitzer 0320 | A | | Strut F, Warehouse 027 - Yuko Yano 0106 | B | | FA Connecting Bridge 028 - Rick Naylor 0812 | O | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 029 - Jeremy A. Davis 0826 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 030 - Zephan G. Kirkpatrick 1025 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 031 - Kenneth Wong 1220 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B1 032 - Michael D. Craft 0321 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 033 - Stephen D. Haynes 0502 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 034 - Joshua A. Crandall 0711 | AB | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 035 - Andrew J. Baker 0316 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 036 - Andrew J. Walker 1012 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 037 - Kazunobu Uehara 0721 | B | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 038 - Thomas Szediak 0522 | A | | KL Connecting Bridge 039 - Shuichi Hata 0627 | A | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 040 - Frank A. Morales 1117 | O | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 041 - Lee P. French 1025 | AB | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 042 - Marcos A. Gomez 1103 | ? | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 043 - Scott K. Cleary 0402 | A | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 044 - Peter Stillman 1116 | A | | Strut E, Heli-Port ====== NORMAL ====== ====== Tanker ====== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_______Found At_____________ 000 - Olga Gurlukovich 0923 | A | | Navigational Deck, Wing 001 - Kazuya Ikeno 1025 | A | | AFT Deck 002 - Rodrigo Spinetti 0918 | A | | AFT Deck 003 - Bryan D. Scheibe 0331 | ? | | AFT Deck 004 - Ho Yeung Tsang 0215 | AB | | Navigational Deck, Wing 005 - Hirosuke Moritomo 0829 | O | | Deck-C, Crew's Quarters 006 - Frank Gther 1109 | B | | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters 007 - Marco G. Brunato 0330 | ? | | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters 008 - Jesus Bibian Jr. 0116 | ? | | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters 009 - Jordi C. Aldea 0508 | ? | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 010 - Sadaaki Kaneyoshi 0517 | A | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 011 - Anthony D. Callaghan 0407 | ? | | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge 012 - Craig M. Weldon 0426 | AB | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 013 - Ulf T. Lundh 0803 | B | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 014 - Shinta Nojiri 0408 | A | | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 015 - Jun Tanaka 0812 | B | | Deck 2, Port 016 - Bernard A. Reeves 1221 | O | | Deck 2, Port 017 - Evan M. Martin 1120 | A | | Deck 2, Port 018 - Bruno A. Montenegro 1123 | B | | Engine Room 019 - Almerindo Lemke 0909 | A | | Engine Room 020 - Satoshi Hirano 0211 | A | | Engine Room 021 - Justin C. Cumley 0625 | O | | Engine Room 022 - Kristian Lindin 0930 | ? | | Engine Room 023 - Mika Abe 0602 | A | | Engine Room 024 - Tatsuya Takada 0731 | O | | Engine Room ===== Plant ===== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_____Found At_______________ 000 - Solid Snake ???? | ? | | Arsenal Gear, Ascending | Colon 001 - Christopher J. Uzdanovich 0908 | A | | Strut A, Roof 002 - Christophe L. Lallemand 0420 | O | | Strut A, Pump Room 003 - Hurell F. Lyons 0905 | O | | Strut A, Pump Room 004 - Juntaro Saito 0418 | O | | AB Connecting Bridge 005 - So Toyota 0707 | A | | AB Connecting Bridge 006 - Robert J. Bryk 1123 | ? | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 007 - Scott A. Morgan 0210 | O | | Strut B, Transformer | Room 008 - George T. Joseph 0717 | O | | BC Connecting Bridge 009 - Vahe V. Varujan 0611 | A | | Strut C, Dining Hall 010 - Mark Mugendi 0813 | A | | Strut C, Dining Hall 011 - Irene C. Carvalho 0405 | O | | CD Connecting Bridge 012 - Jools Watsham 0328 | O | | CD Connecting Bridge 013 - Adam J. Schick 0822 | ? | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 014 - Takayoshi Ogawa 1130 | O | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 015 - Jamie A. Trumper 1119 | ? | | Strut D, Sediment Pool 016 - Sergio Carranza 0205 | ? | | DE Connecting Bridge 017 - Michiko Arai 0930 | O | | DE Connecting Bridge 018 - Takashi Mizutani 0704 | B | | Strut E, Parcel Room 019 - Christian Cr Renner 1221 | O | | Strut E, Parcel Room 020 - Andy B. Gilder 0617 | ? | | Strut E, Parcel Room 021 - Takashi Horikawa 1212 | A | | Strut E, Heli-Port 022 - Kevin T. Petty 0504 | A | | Strut E, Heli-Port 023 - Guilherme K. Saran 0218 | ? | | Strut E, Heli-Port 024 - Chen Yen Wen 0916 | A | | Strut F, Warehouse 025 - Caroline Frechette 0115 | A | | Strut F, Warehouse 026 - Rafael Estaregue 1113 | B | | Strut F, Warehouse 027 - Tomokazu Fukushima 1228 | A | | FA Connecting Bridge 028 - Monte S. Tate 0915 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 029 - Stephanie Hattenberger 0617 | A | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 030 - Jason B. Wray 0530 | A | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 031 - Matt T. Federspiel 0112 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 032 - Iiro Karvinen 0713 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 033 - Ray A. Holdren 0922 | B | | Shell 1 Core, B1 034 - Hiro Takada 0414 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 035 - Eric G. Macway 0618 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 036 - Ian J. Roberts 1020 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 037 - Alexandre Bertrand 0707 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 038 - Peter D. Mccarthy 0630 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 039 - Ichiro Kutome 0908 | O | | KL Connecting Bridge 040 - Yutaka Negishi 0523 | B | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 041 - Renata N. Csio 0831 | ? | | Strut L, Sewage | Treatment Facility 042 - Tony J. Case 0101 | O | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 043 - Paul M. Blacketer 0318 | O | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 044 - Dennis J. Krimpelbein 0128 | ? | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 045 - Stanley A. Garcia 0612 | O | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 046 - Charles P. Quivers 0928 | B | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 047 - Sevak N. Fair 0323 | ? | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 048 - Peter Stillman 1116 | A | | Strut E, Heli-Port ==== HARD ==== ====== Tanker ====== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_____Found At_______________ 000 - Olga Gurlukovich 0923 | A | | Navigational deck, wing 001 - Markus A. Lindqvist 0209 | ? | | Aft deck 002 - Kenichi Takashima 0103 | O | | Aft deck 003 - Thiago S. Parra 0801 | O | | Aft deck 004 - Chris J. Matzdorf 0819 | ? | | Navigational deck, wing 005 - Adrian B. Scholvinck 0102 | A | | Deck-C, crew's quarters 006 - Julius Jun 0228 | B | | Deck-A, crew's quarters 007 - Kazuki Nisimura 0302 | A | | Deck-B, crew's quarters 008 - Zhang Chao 1030 | ? | | Deck-B, crew's quarters 009 - Vishal Kapur 1007 | O | | Deck-A, crew's lounge 010 - Victor A. Cruz 0107 | B | | Deck-A, crew's lounge 011 - Larry D. Lionberger 1021 | ? | | Deck-A, crew's lounge 012 - Celeste D. Sauls 0602 | O | | Deck-D, crew's quarters 013 - Danielle E. Ford 0714 | O | | Deck-D, crew's quarters 014 - Jennifer A. Mauck 0925 | O | | Deck-D, crew's quarters 015 - Daniel A. Olsson 0624 | O | | Deck-D, crew's quarters 016 - Youssel Fassi-Fihri 0817 | O | | Deck 2, port 017 - Sean P. Cullen 0315 | ? | | Deck 2, port 018 - Lars Crama 0525 | AB | | Deck 2, port 019 - David Chau 1230 | B | | Engine room 020 - Philippe Ah Mouritzen 0102 | A | | Engine room 021 - Yoko Niiyama 0315 | B | | Engine room 022 - John V. Teves 0128 | B | | Engine room 023 - Christian Nordstr 0726 | B | | Engine room 024 - Jonathan Murphy 1230 | AB | | Engine room 025 - Yuji Korekado 1222 | A | | Engine room ===== Plant ===== #_____Name________________________D.O.B._BT_____Found At_______________ 000 - Liquid Snake ???? | ? | | Arsenal Gear, Ascending | Colon 001 - Yamato Hagiwara 0406 | O | | Strut-A Roof 002 - Chris Walker 0909 | ? | | Strut-A Pump Room 003 - Brian D. Hagermann 0704 | O | | Strut A Pump Room 004 - Makoto Sonoyama 0821 | B | | AB Connecting Bridge 005 - Christoph C. Reinicke 0906 | AB | | AB Connecting Bridge 006 - Justin D. Ebersole 0820 | ? | | Strut-B Transformer | Room 007 - William A. Catacutan 0120 | ? | | Strut-B Transformer | Room 008 - Natalie Yip 1016 | O | | BC Connecting Bridge 009 - Kelsy L. Clark 0506 | ? | | Strut-C Dining Hall 010 - Bjoern Hiede 0412 | AB | | Strut-C Dining Hall 011 - Daniel Y. Kato 0705 | A | | CD Connecting Bridge 012 - Alexandre Reis Cunha Dantas 0106 | O | | CD Connecting Bridge 013 - Jason Enos 0730 | ? | | Strut-D Sediment Pool 014 - Josiah F. Thorne 0715 | O | | Strut-D Sediment Pool 015 - Yoshikazu Matsuhana 0803 | O | | Strut-D Sediment Pool 016 - Claudia Cd Diessner 0408 | A | | Strut-D Sediment Pool 017 - Gary K. Yong 0309 | ? | | DE Connecting Bridge 018 - Devon V. Tailor 0804 | A | | DE Connecting Bridge 019 - Chris Kramer 1018 | A | | Strut-E Parcel Room 020 - Ikuya Nakamura 0205 | B | | Strut-E Parcel Room 021 - Andreas Ebeler 0323 | AB | | Strut-E Parcel Room 022 - James N. Janovsky 0504 | O | | Strut-E Parcel Room 023 - Nathaniel Lord 0604 | O | | Strut-E Heli-Port 024 - Chris M. Flohr 1001 | A | | Strut-E Heli-Port 025 - Gary J. Davidson 0712 | O | | Strut-E Heli-Port 026 - Carlos Kiho 1229 | O | | Strut-F Warehouse 027 - Andrew N. Bartlett 0406 | AB | | Strut-F Warehouse 028 - Tim U. Chan 0619 | ? | | Strut-F Warehouse 029 - Futoshi Satou 0721 | A | | Strut-F Warehouse 030 - Shinpei Murakami 1207 | A | | FA Connecting Bridge 031 - David Lesslie 0307 | O | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 032 - Brian R. Strack 0813 | B | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 033 - Skip M. Murray 1120 | A | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 034 - Axel R. Zijderveld 0929 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, 1F 035 - Kamran Keenan 0212 | ? | | Shell 1 Core, B1 036 - Tomonori Morita 0210 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 037 - Julian Dort 1120 | A | | Shell 1 Core, B1 038 - Steven Schmitt 0918 | AB | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 039 - Michael O. Kress 0703 | AB | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 040 - Stephane Tudela 0408 | B | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 041 - Yoriko Shimizu 0323 | O | | Shell 1 Core, B2 | Computer Room 042 - Yun-Ho Kim 0322 | A | | KL Connecting Bridge 043 - Jun Sukegawa 1010 | AB | | Strut-L Sewage | Treatment Facility 044 - Joey P. Gonzales 0105 | A | | Strut-L Sewage | Treatment Facility 045 - Christopher Heck 1117 | ? | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 046 - Martin Kukowka 1211 | ? | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 047 - Alex N. Martinez 1223 | A | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 048 - Chul Kwan 0727 | A | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 049 - Giovanni Cavalliere 0913 | O | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 050 - Gabriel Freitas Peres 1125 | O | | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air | Purification Room 051 - Peter Stillman 1116 | A | | Strut-E Heli-Port =============== Dog Tag Rewards =============== -TANKER- Digital Camera- Allows you to take pictures and save them to your Memory Card. Requires Little or No Dog Tags Bandana- Infinite ammo, when equipped. Around 35 Tags needed. Stealth- Allows you to walk around un-detected by guards and cameras ONLY, when equipped. Does not work on bosses. Around 60 Tags needed. -PLANT- Digital Camera- Allows you to take pictures and save them to your Memory Card. Requires Little or No Dog Tags. Stealth- Allows you to walk around un-detected by guards and cameras ONLY, when equipped. Does not work on bosses. Around 120 Dog Tags needed. Brown Wig- Allows infinite ammo when equipped, but it still has reload time. About 80 Dog Tags needed. Orange Wig- Infinite grip when equipped. Around 160 Dog Tags needed. Blue Wig-??? I have information that the Blue Wig either gives you Infinite Air, when your underwater, and also I have information that it gives you infinite ammo with NO RELOAD time for both the TANKER, and PLANT, and just the PLANT. I will confirm one of these when I obtain all of the Dog Tags. =========== Contact Me! =========== E-Mail: AOL Instant Messenger: Mike12500 MSN Instant Messenger: Note From The Author: PLEASE, if you know any sites in which they are need of FAQs or game guides, LET ME KNOW~! I am more than willing to let anybody host this FAQ, as long as you ask me first. Thanks -Mike ======= Credits ======= Not too many here yet, but I assume there will be soon :) Orca782 You ARE the man for helping me along, and giving me your advice for when I needed it. Hey why not stay up all night if your parents allow it? Konami + Hideo Great Game. For hosting this FAQ. "Matt, the idiot from Ohio" For his Info on the SOCOM Supressor, and telling me about the Body Armor, That I already knew about :) "Snake, we're not tools of the government or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing, I was good at. But at least, I always fought for what I believed in." -Grey Fox