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Grand Theft Auto Vice City


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I will give you a quick rundown of the regular mission and tips for beating them. As an added bonus I will do the same for the mafia missions.

1. The Party- Following the initial intro you'll finally reach your first mission. First get your party duds at Rafael's. Next gank the chopper and head to the boat at pier 2. Once aboard you'll be introduced to many of the personalities you'll meet later on. Toss the lady on your hog and head to Pole Position.
2. Back Alley Brawl-Head to the Malibu for your first visit with Kent Paul a fast talking Brit. He'll send you to see a chef on Ocean Drive. Take your vehicle run him over and take his cell phone. Head to Lance's car. He'll direct you to the gun shop then back to the hotel.
3. Jury Fury- Use the hammer the roadkill dropped and follow the yellow  triangles to the jurors. beat up their cars to coerce them into a non guilty verdict. Don't stop the onslaught until they speak.
4. Riot- Avery Carrington is at the lawyer's. Gat another change of clothes(overalls) and go to the protest scene. Use your hammer to beat enough workers to incite a full blown riot. Now go inside the fenced area target the red drums and blow up the three trucks. Use your hammer on leftovers. Pick up the cash off the corpseson your way out.
1. Treacherous Swine- Cortez wants Gonzales dead and he wants you to do it.He also wants you to use a chainsaw. When you get to his place take out the goons first.Switch to your gun to increase your footspeed. Now chase him down and take him out. Use the chainsaw when he's down for a fountain of fun. Shake the cops and you're done.
2. Mall Shootout-You're going to the mall. The French government interrupts your transaction and your forced to chase. Your targets on a bike so take a car and ram him. He's tough so keep running him over. Grab the package and head to the dock.
3. Guardian Angels- Go to the parking lot and get some firepower. Lance shows up and accompianies you to the drop off. Make sure you know how to use your new gun because you'll have to kill a lot of baddies. Keep Diaz alive and you'll have to chase a dirt bike driving punk. Shoot him while on a bike for the best results. Grab the package he drops and return it to Diaz.