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Super Mario Sunshine


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1. Go to the warp entrance behind the lighthouse. Slide down from the middle blue piece. When you reach the ramps hold left when you launch off. At the end instead of trying to land on the super thin platform hover to the last platform.
2. Get the Rocket Nozzle and shoot up to the platform of the large dirty shine in the middle of town. Wash it off.
3. Get the Rocket Nozzle and head left. The first house will have a tower on it. In front of the tower on the house's roof is an egg. Rocket up to this dirty bell and clean it. Fall down to your right and you'll see a sewer hatch ahead. On either side of the hatch there are houses. Jump to the roof on your left and theres another hatch. Go down and proceed to the Shine. Across from this first tower you'll find another tower with a dirty bell. Clean it too.
4. Go towards the sewer you took to get Shine 3. Jump on the box to the top of this structure. On the right you'll see a NPC next to a rooster weather vane. Talk to the NPC and he'll launch you to a shine.
5. Under the archway where the ship passes you'll find a hole. Jump into it. No matter what you'll always be forced to the right. To get the first coin butt slam as soon as you start moving right. The red coin on the far right may cause trouble. Instead using the chute as you did previously run straight up the slanted platform in the back. When you get to the opening with the coin jump and hover to it.
6. With Yoshi go to the Noki Bay warp. A ship will pass by . Board it. Use the three ships until you reach the island with the stranded NPC. On the last boat there'll be a yellow bird floating on the water. Spray it. When you get to the island eat the bird.
7. Do the same thing as in Shine six but this time go down the sewer. At the beginning get to the right a tad and you'll obtain the first two coins easily. For the third you need to move the leaf to the left some. For thr fourth move left a little more. For the fifth start moving to the right as fast as you can after getting the fourth. For the sixth coin continue right. For the seventh if you proceed to the right a little you should pass right under it. When you jump the leaf won't move to much so you'll land safely. Now start propelling  yourself to the platform. If you miss any coins your objective should be to get the extra life and start over. Also if youre careful you can actually walk back to the beginning on the edge. The leaf will respawn.
8. At the beginning to the left there are shudders blocking a Shine. Get the turbo nozzle and bust through to get it.
9. Go to the tower thats guarded by two watchmen. Again bust through the doors. In this area just hit the button and let Mario fly. At the top of the large hill jumo and you should hit the last platform.
10. Enter the house near the large Shine in the center of town. Bash all the crates in 30 seconds.
11. Enter the house of boxes again to complete another challenge and get another Shine. The hover nozzle works best here.
12.Go on top of the lighthouse and rocket jump. At the peak butt slam.
13. On the cliff next to the cannon that shots you to Pinna Park thers a warp. Get the rocket nozzle to reach it. First put out the idiot NPC on fire. Second spray the red bird. Third get the easy coin resting on a platform. Fourth kill the four enemies. Finally pull the camera back and you'll see a hole with an odd oblect in it. Jump in and butt slam. Look in first person to see the red coin.
14. Get 100 gold coins. If you travel to Delfino Airport you shouldn't have a problem.
Tough Blue Coins
1. Extingush the NPC on fire.
2. Get Yoshi. Across from the character that launches you to Shine 4 is a yellow growth. Shoot juice at it. On the roof of the houses behind the lighthouse is more of the yellow growth which conceals a blue coin.
3. To the right of where you began a structure has a blue coin imprisoned. Go around back and hover into the opening.
4. The blue bird is on the houses close to where the NPC throws you for Shine 4. Also theres another bird on the roof of the house in the beginning that has a pineapple stuck in its chimney warp.
5. Be sure to search the sewers for a few blue coins.
1. On the beach near the NPC that provides sunglasses spray water to find a hidden sewer.
2. After obtaining 35 Shines defeat Shadow Mario to get Yoshi. Also note that you must bring the type of fruit specified by a Yoshi egg to get him.
Bianco Hills
1.Road to the Big Windmill
Go to the little windmill on the east side of town beyond the stream. Use it to get over the wall. Now follow the path of sludge to the source where you'll see the sludge balls emerging. Dispose of the boss as you did before.
2. Down with Petey Piranha
Follow the path to the big windmill. Get on the revolving platforms. Jump to the roof. When its mouth opens shoot water into it and then execute the butt slam on his bellybutton. Do this three times.
3. The Hillside Cave Mystery
To get there use the platforms over the water which are connected by rope. If you havent already figured it out the spin jump technique helps here. Simply move the analog stick in a quick circle and jump. This platforming objective is really easy just take your time and the patterns will be readily discernable.
4. Red Coins of Windmill Village
There are three on the wall which divides the east and west protions of the town. The rest you can find on the roofs in the west part of town. One you might have trouble getting has to do with the triangular windmills. Simply shoot water to manuver the platforms so that you can reach the red coin. There is one on the morhtern most building. To get the Shine traverse the rope leading up from the northern most building.
5. Petey Piranha Strikes Back
Get on the northern most building and walk the rope leading to the cliff edge at the north. At the top let one of those little creatures stick itself to your nozzle. Fill it with water and shoot it at Petey through the opening in the fence. GO down to the main part of town. You must shoot water at Petey to knock him out of the air. Once on the ground you'll have to dodge his tornado attack. Fill Petey's stomach with water and butt slam.
6. The Secret of the Dirty Lake
Go to the eastern part of town. Now proceed to the wall at the south past the stream. Get on top of the narrow wall and follow it to a series of  platforms. At the end you'll see a red box. Jump on it for the Rocket Nozzle. Now proceed up the path toward the big windmill. In the back you'll see a cave enter it. The first part should be easy to understand. For the second jump toward the blue wall on the right and then jump off of it to the platform across the gap. Be careful of the cubes as they rotate. Simply make sure that you're on the top piece before it turns 90 degress. Also note that you need not jump over the edges of the cubes.
7. Shadow Mario on the Loose
This objective is much easier than the first one. The quickest way to dispose of him here and in most cases is simply using the belly slide. This will propel you ahead of him and allow you to attack him more easier.
8. The Red Coins of the Lake
First get the rocket nozzle. Get the coin in the lake and then the one on the rope connecting the platforms in the lake. There's another on land on the wire just connecting the platforms before the rocket nozzle. There's one other red coin on a wire that connects the platform from mainland to the platform with the red rocket. Now traverse the path to the big windmill. After crossing the bridge you'll encounter a vertical column of coins which is made conspicuous by the shadow. Shoot straight up under them and you'll hit a wire. The rest of the red coins are on these various wires. Eventually you'll reach a third tier of ropes. Go to the highest platform here which is to the right if youre facing the windmill. To the right you'll see a platform a little higher up. Begin to charge the rocket nozzle and jump toward the platform you should just make it. Pull the camera back and you'll see a red coin in the middle of a wire.
Bonus Shines
1. Platforming Objective 1
Sacrifice a life to find the location of each red coin. The three tough ones are the stars to the left and the right of the main section. In your second run pratice reaching the spots where the red coins were located.
2. Platforming Objective 2
At the first colored cube simply jump from it and cross the gap with the aid of your normal thruster pack.
3. Collect 100 yellow coins.
Tough Blue Coins